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September 17, 2008


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Don't worry about the party......They should resign because the accumulated IQ of the four would not total 100...

Kaiser's Culture

I spent some time recently with a collection of McGovern's '72 speeches & I'm surprised by the affinities with Obama. The party seems ever-determined to chase "idealism" (often manufactured) over pragmatism. One thing, though, has changed since the 70s-- back then nomination fights could go on to the convention! This was much more than Pelosi, Dean, et. al. could stomach, thus Hillary was ignominiously shoo-shooed long before the contest was over.


All of them need to grow some, and walk away. Let the real leader take over, HRC.


Thank you Heidi for your great articles. I agree and hope these idiots take a hike. I got an email from Hillary and I was just wondering if donating to her is going to help pay off her campaign debt. I cannot donate if it goes to the DNC or Obama. Please let me know if donations on her website would actually go directly to paying off her campaign debt. Thank you.


I agree with Heidi we need to defeat Obama to send the DNC a message and let them know we support hillary.


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