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October 06, 2008


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{{{ Heidi }}}

I feel the same way. Getting the dishonesty and dishonor out of our party is the most important thing.

Our protest has already had an unexpectedly wonderful effect: McCain nominated Palin. We've encouraged a GOP reformer to take a very strong step in nominating another reformer who is not only young and strong -- being groomed as the 'future of the GOP' -- but also a woman!

That is, on McCain's part, putting reform into action!



I believe in reality.The democratic party is run by those who aim to win by hook or by crook.So be it.Little old me will have no part of it. I'll have my say in my way. I will not demean another woman to gain favor with those who have no honor.

I have great regard for how you've handled yourself during this "election".You have been steadfastly principled and willing to stand strong while subjected to the wrath of the mob. You, in short , are a leader.


Thank you Heidi for your comments. It is good to know that there are people, like you, who continue to thank and honor people such as the Founders of our beloved country, Lincoln, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King and others while also ensuring that their hard work and dedication to the principles of democracy will continue. That commitment is worth everything.


Nice job, as usual, Heidi. I hope you can get a great job on Hillary's team when she wins the presidency in 2012.

I recently realized that I had been very black and white - dems good, repubs evil. While still a dem, I feel much freer now that I realize I'm no longer in the black/white corner. I had to leave my blog because they stayed black/white, just reversed - for them now, repubs are angels, and dems are evil. I don't want to be black and white anymore, and my musings about how we tend to see things through our own filters earned me the title of "concern troll".

So I left. I am not happy in an echo chamber. I still won't vote for Obama, but apparently I didn't "become republican" enough, so I'm persona non grata there now. Just as well - if there's no room to be a thinking person, then there's no room for me. I don't want to be a republican, I want to reform the dem party - my party.

But at least I can still come here. This is most definitely a "thinking place". Thanks, Heidi.

petunia politik

you may not care if anyone likes you, heidi, but you most assuredly have the admiration of myself and the multitudes of P.U.M.A's who have forged our own path in the face of sickening adversity. this has been a gut wrenching time for those of us who did not expect to think twice about voting the rightful democratic nominee into office. we all know who that is. what we are left with is honor, and with all the slander, libel, and disgraceful treatment many of us have received, we have remained steadfast in our conviction to not reward our party for its heinous and unscrupulous misdeeds. heidi, THANK YOU for the Denver Group, thank you for your unending insight into the procedures of party rules that so many of us did not know, your brilliant historical references, your commitment to the truth, and most of all, for being you.


I was going to write this comment after your beautiful and moving post "Never Give Up", Heidi, but how can one follow Ainnj's quotation from Winston Churchill. However I think it is equally appropriate to comment here.

I have read some wonderful tributes from people who are not Democrats or, as in my case, not even American but who admire and respect the principled stand of the Pumas/Just Say No Dealers. Many of us watched what I certainly believe to be a corrupt process, watched as you took a stand against that corruption, cried with you when things went badly, rejoiced with you when things went well. No, never give up. Standing up to corruption is not just about Democrats, or Americans, we are all affected, we are all poorer if we just accept it.

For all who do cry you down, there are many more of us who cheer you on, who thank you all for your courage, for your integrity and your steadfastness. Never give up, and thank you.

Virginia Harris

Can you even imagine being a woman and not being able to vote?

Thanks to the suffragettes, America has women voters and women candidates, and we are a better country for it!

Women have voices and choices! Just like men.

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I don't care ! Exactly what I would have said, thank you for making your stand as that is mine too. I don't care whoever Obama or his campaign presents as endorser, he is still a rotten person without integrity and honor and not worthy of respect. He diminishes anyone who supports him. It would be a sad day in American history if the electorate should vote for B.O. (what an apt initial) to be the American president. I'll weep and hope that your kind will multiply and save America from corruption. Great power to you.


Your inner compass, Heidi, has been guiding many of us through a storm that has thrown us rudely out of the comfort of belonging politically. Your strength and clarity has helped to keep ethics in the foreground. There is no nobler deed, thank you.


@lorac: I think I know which blog you're referring to. The owner lost or ceded too much control to other front-page posters, a couple of whom are little more than loudmouth bullies, and now their influence has rubbed off on the owner herself. Virtually every post now evokes a creepy echo chamber of hatred and lunacy, and moderators have started "warning" commenters about their "tone" or the "pattern" of their remarks. The people over there who haven't lost their f*cking minds have simply shut theirs down. Lately you can't even allude to the real world without getting reamed.


A sincere "thank you", Heidi.

You have helped me keep my sanity many a day!

You speak for millions of us who feel the same.

We're behind you and need you....

Keep it up--we fight the fight with you every day in our own small way.

I'll bet the leaders you mentioned above are happy you have their backs!


Thank you Heidi. Knowing you are there fighting for my daughters gives me more solace than you can ever know. Thanks for articulating what I cannot.


I'm wandering around feeling lost, depressed and very disillusioned. This began in the primaries when I watched the way Hillary was treated and the disgraceful campaign Obama was running. The red flags really began going off for me when I came into contact with Obama supporters. And then the media...the dnc....other party members. Anyway, can't talk to any of my friends about it. I'm in a completely different world now. I need to connect to other people that feel the same way. I need something to hold onto. I'll keep coming back to this blog in hopes of finding that connection. thanks.

Cyn NY

Heidi, I believe this is your best post ever. And, there is a lot of competition, as your posts are wonderful, thought provoking and full of information. However, this one is from the heart tells us what you are made of and what is important in your life.

I totally agree with you.


"So I left. I am not happy in an echo chamber. I still won't vote for Obama, but apparently I didn't "become republican" enough, so I'm persona non grata there now. Just as well - if there's no room to be a thinking person, then there's no room for me. I don't want to be a republican, I want to reform the dem party - my party."


I think people are just trying to figure out where they fit in becuase of their disillusion with the Democratic Party. I don't think the majority of these people have become republican, they want the Democratic party to be reformed and are extremely frightened that it will be taken over and it won't happen if people don't stick together with a common purpose.

Unfortunately, it's the Democratic party who forced these people out of their home and if some are lost to the Republican party, it's unfortunate, but I think the majority of these people are hurt and afraid for the loss of their political home and they are trying to make their temporary home comfortable for now. So I would hope we could all understand things are very much out of wack and behavior is strange, but hopefully we will be thinking people and not judge but try and understand as you state.


Hi Heidi,
Thank you for your posts. I just got around to read this one, and I feel compelled to share what I think about "short term vs. long term". As someone who practices Zen, I can say with certainty that short term is in fact long term. We can only do what is right this very moment. We have no choice but to act right now. It's always now. The idea that we can do something for tomorrow is an illusion. Hillary had a choice, and I hope that she chose correctly, but she'll never get a second chance. Each opportunity is unique and it never repeats itself.
There is no tomorrow; there is only right now.
Thank you for the work you are doing now because it cannot be done any other time.

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