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October 12, 2008


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Heidi Li - this is a wonderful commentary. Thanks for showing us the way...

Woman Voter

But every new beginning has to be just that - a beginning. We start with noncooperation with those who cannot or will not acknowledge their betrayals. Then we build anew. It has happened before. No reason it cannot happen again.

I actually got all teary eyed while reading this piece. It is very true indeed, in a sense it is like leaving a grand love of many years after a great betrayal and yes starting on a new beginning... :-(


I like the idea of a new beginning very much.
Any ideas what that might look like??


It's time to break away from the corrupt party that we used to trust. It's time to start a movement based on honor, fairness, truth. This IS an opportunity to make real change and I hope that the flame does not burn out.

Keep it going, Heidi (et. al.). I'm in for the long haul. I don't refer to myself as a Democrat anymore. For lack of another name, I call myself a member of the PUMA party. And I'm proud of it.


Here's the catastrophe that awaits the Democratic party: in their rush for short-term satisfaction (election of Obama) the DNC has thrown countless of its most loyal and most generous (with time and money) supporters overboard. A lot of people who have been giving money to Democrats for decades, and have supported every Democrat on the ballot, have been summarily dismissed. The new Democratic coalition (Donna Brazile frequently says the party has been expanded - NO! The make-up of the party has been CHANGED), the new Democratic coalition isn't in the midst of this election because they are anxious to support Democrats. They're in it to support Obama. It's all about Obama, not the Democratic party. All those people who have never taken an interest in politics have not suddenly been turned on to politics per se. They might think so, and Obama and friends argue this, but politics being what they are these newly indoctrinated to politics will lose their faith soon enough. And what will the Democratic party have then? These new followers won't care in the long run. Even if Obama serves two terms, in eight years what will the Democratic Party do for itself? Those who give money to Obama and campaign for him so passionately will not give money to the party and other downticket Democrats and will not walk door-to-door for other Democrats, just like they're not doing anything for them now. These new members of the Democratic party are not in it for the Democratic party, they're in it for Obama. Meanwhile all those people who for decades *have* been supporting the party with time and money will likely remain where they've been discarded. The Democratic party might win the battle of 2008 - but I think they've already lost the war.


I have waited for this post, Heidi. A new beginning is indeed on the near horizon. There are lessons to be learned here, including some from those who worked from within the party to build the corrupt leadership in power now. They snuck up on us; that won't happen again. We know who they are and we know their weaknesses.


Heidi Li,

With the current Democratic nominee
training the youth on "community organizing" in his "camps", having 95% of the AA block voting for color, and calling everybody and everything that doesn't agree with their candidate or their agenda "racist", I do not think the Democratic Party will ever be the same again. For a reason I do not fully understand, many Americans are allowing themselves to be taken hostage by the fear of being called or thought to be "racists".I do not want to wait four years to find out we are in the same predicament, being "discarded", dismissed, taken for granted, and being "talked to" with sweet words only when the candidate or the party needs our time or our money.
This is the time, Heidi, to grow the roots of the true, viable party for the people by the people, If I knew how to get one started (with legalities and all) I would do it.
So, right now I am a party of one.
Need knowledgeable leadership.
Hello? Anyone?

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