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September 25, 2008


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Ricki Lieberman

The whole context would be different were Hillary the nominee. While not possible to prove a negative, had her proposal been implemented of a moratorium on foreclosures, rewriting of bad, unfair loans, and regulation of rates and terms - imagine!


I'll be short but succinct. If Hillary Clinton has been at that meeting, at least there would have been one backbone and one set of balls present representing the American people.


democraticjack: i agree with you 100%


Here is the first of many situations, to reinforce the tenor and instinct of my heart, that I know I will carry a deep and abiding anger over the 2008 election for the rest of my life.


With all of the fluff and nonsense that passes as "culture" and "theory" these days, should we be surprised when a majority of Americans don't recognize substance and true leadership? Such a detailed, substantive plan, resting on a solid foundation, as Senator Clinton has set forth to address our nation's economic crisis, was a hallmark of her presidential campaign. It serves as incontrovertible evidence that she would have made an outstanding leader; and given the opportunity, would have proven the sort of visionary we needed to set our nation on the right path to a brighter, more citizen-centric twenty-first century.

Elliot Lake

I have a friend who is a die-hard Republican since the Goldwater days, who says Hillary would have been the president for us to have, cause she would have gotten us out of this mess, and that the financial powers that be maneuvered her out of the Dem nomination because they knew she wouldn't go for this.

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