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September 23, 2008


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We are left with what we are left with and to not vote isn't the answer.
I believe Obama to be an evil, manipulative, liar, cheater, and he in no way has any morals or character.
At least McCain didn't manipulate the polls, didn't lie, cheat or steal to get the nomination.
Obama should at the very least scare the hell out of you, enough for you to vote republican!
I will vote for McCain, I will not have the blood of innocent Americans on my hands, Obama is to be feared, he desires power and we must not give it to him. We must protect our country and its people, we must protect them from Obama and all he stands for. He isn't and never will be qualified to run our country. I will not give him complete power over our country.
The ultimate corrupter--Obama
I will not follow one who is so corrupt, my vote for McCain is a vote against Obama.
Not now, not ever, NOBAMA


I hear ya Heidi! In fact I hear it all the time when I talk to my Bro. about this election. No matter what I say about what the Dems have done and what an Obama win would mean. He doesn't see the reasoning behind voting for McCain.

He's not for Obama, but he can't stand another Repub. He's not voting.

For me, while it goes against everything to vote for a Repub. I will. I wouldn't have if it had been someone other than McCain. But I've come to at least respect him as a person even if I completely disagree with his views.
That puts him miles ahead of Obama who at this point I loath. But not more than I do the DNC for what they've done.
That is enough reason to see them taken down. Unless you're going to become a Repub, the DNC is the only party we have to try and get the issues we care about addressed. But if they win this election despite our efforts to stop them, they will have proven they don't need us, and there goes ANY hope to be considered of importance in future elections.
This is self-preservation for us. For me. That's how I see this. And I say this as a black American who is disgusted by what I've seen this year, and will do what I can to ensure it NEVER happens again.


One of the parties certainly nominated a candidate worth fighting against. That would be the Democrats and Obama.


Since setting the Dem Party right is most important to me, I will vote for McCain. My husband - a very liberal guy - is "sitting this one out," and I know several more people who say they will not vote.


As madamaB writes in her article The 30% Solution ( ), I have become a single issue voter. We MUST end the sexism and misogyny in this country in order to move forward.

Jennifer Bloch

My mom worked for 21 years at a company. In her 20th year, the senior VP position came open. She put her name up for the position and everyone in her office thought she was a lock. I remember how crushed she was when she called me and told me a guy who had been with the company for 3 years was selected.

I feel like this experience has been played over again with Hillary Clinton in the part as my mom and Barack Obama as the new guy while the DNC is the company.

The end of the story was that my mom shopped her resume around and was hired by one of the companies rivals. They paid her 40% more and made her...SENIOR VP!!! Her old business has since offered her that position twice.

I will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin in this election! If the democrats lose this election, an election that was un-losable just six months ago, they will wake up and offer us women our seat back in the position we are entitled!


I will be voting against the democratic party. They no longer speak for me and if they are to ever change, although I have my doubts that is even a possibility, I cannot join in rewarding them for the undemocratic and misogynistic behaviour displayed in the past year.


The Democratic Party needs to learn a lesson and I'd really like to see it. Had it not been for this financial crisis, Obama would still be trailing McCain. Obama is not ready for this responsibility, is uninspiring, played the race card to win, and he is miles and miles below Senator Clinton's incredible capabilities.

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