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September 24, 2008


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This is outrageous! How can they justify having a faith tour, while the separation of church and state is quite clear--separation.
I would never vote for a man who CLAIMS to have my faith and moral background, yet attend a racist church for twenty years!
Just another example of why Obama needs to stay the hell out of politics, and the hell out of the White House.
He is a danger to our constitutional rights, a danger to our lives as Americans, he is a deceitful, hateful, liar who will do and say anything to get elected.
I'm not buying what Obama is selling.


Doesn't John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for VP make Obama's religious road show basically irrelevant to evangelical Christian voters? Not to likely Democratic voters, though, who now have yet another reason to dislike Barack Obama and what he stands for--or doesn't.


As a lesbian who turned 21 in 1980, I vividly recall Reagan meeting with Jerry Falwell's church in Virginia to court the evangelicals. The raw gay hatred that I saw there (and that I grew up with) has been an enormous stress and a challenge to overcome my entire life. I have fought the religious right trying to tell me that I am sick and pathological for years.

And for all those years I have been a loyal Democrat. This is how I am thanked by my party? With a "faith tour" that includes an Obama surrogate who would like to deprive me of marriage rights? I turn 50 next year (my same sex marriage of 18 years is still not safe, even in California). My party has abandoned me. I hope they remember why I will not cast a vote for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in my life in November.


For the Obama camp to attempt to garner support from the religious right would be, if it wasn't so blatently desperate, hilariously amusing, and not at all dissimilar to a poorly conceived SNL skit for which the show is famous. Not only are these the same people Obama characterized as "bitter", "gun toting", and "clinging to god," but he has also staunchly supported late term abortion and characterized the bearing of a child as "punishment." To even THINK of trying to woo the very people he has dismissed as bitter fools only serves to illustrate the degree to which a desperately narcissistic, out of touch man will go to try and get his way.


Heidi makes some very good points, however, I must disagree with the following statement:

"he himself is steeped in the evangelical Christian tradition"

Actually, Obama is steeped in Black Liberation Theology, which really isn't embraced by the types of evangelicals you would find in the states he is touring. In fact, I believe Pastor Rich Warren expressed concerns about the failings of liberation theology in South America.


Only 15 people showed up to the first stop.


I am very concerned about this "faith" your and its homophobic tone. How can the Human Rights Campaign Fund, the largest LGBT lobbying organization in the country, support Obama?

They had an opportunity to support Hillary Clinton but waited until the die was cast at the convention.

i have tried to locate the specifics of the dates and locations for the tour and could not find on the Obama website.

Could someone do us all a favor and list that info here and elsehere so we can try to interest our local media in stories? Thanks

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