Terry McAuliffe's Conversation with Virginians

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September 28, 2008


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I just want to tell you again that you are brilliant. You now own a piece of my heart.

I was listening the other night and I have to ask. How tall are you?


FDR is really going to have to work very hard...the news about Obama's "goon squads" has me going ballistic! We have reached the level of "brownshirts" or are darned close if this keeps up!
Is this the "change" Obama has been talking about?

The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, September 21-27 (Obama Goon Squads; Mortgage Mess; “Girl Power!” on CNN; Lynette Long on the Record; “Presents” in TX; Obama Strikes Gold; Rezko; “Racism” Now in O.J. Trial; For Democratic Reform)


FDR = prusik knot? A prusik knot is very useful for self rescue if you have fallen into a crevasse. It works as a friction knot which allows ascent but when weight is placed upon it acts as a break so you don't slide back.

Thanks Heidi and all for throwing us a line, I'm tying in.


yes, yes, this is lindsey graham, just skip thru it until 2:50, has this been verified by anyone? The deal that the house rep. wouldn't sign on to had 20% of the money going to ACORN?
The democrats are putting earmarks into the bailout plan?

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