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September 14, 2008


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Yes, yes! And most of the times, when confronted with adverse circumstances, we have a choice to find a creative way to continue holding up to our principles and values. It takes strength, courage and trust. Thank you for being a positive example of this to so many of us.


Despite the horrid abuse Democracy has suffered over the past 8 years, from both parties, it is in fact an exciting time to be an American. In many ways I can understand the sense of empowerment our founders must have felt as they stood on the brink of bringing a new republic into existence. We find ourselves in a position to change the face of political America. The question is, do we possess the will to take the leap? Americans are typically dormant when it comes to politics. There was no Orange Revolution when George W. Bush's Republican agents disenfranchised America...twice. So, while I believe we could potentially be on the verge of reshaping our democracy, we'll see who steps up to the plate, and who goes back to watching American Idol. Surprise me America!

ms mississippi

Our mission, fellow PUMA's, should we decide to accept it is to reform our old democratic party. Reform, revise, restore, renew.

Just like McCain has taken on his party and Gov. Palin has taken on her state's party bosses, we have to keep taking on the Dems.

Once integrity, common sense and American ideals have been returned to the Democratic party, we will be able to make a credible run for the White House. Until then, John McCain, an honorable man, will serve as our President.

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