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September 05, 2008


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Portia Elizabeth

Heidi, I hope I can continue to read your posts and gain from your opinions and insights. This year has been such a bad thrill ride that slowing down and taking stock seem like the best choice for all of us now.


Heidi Li, once again you are leading in the moment. Yes, our democracy hit a bump - stalled really. How we align ourselves with the forces that will stand for democracy wherever they emanate from is our current challenge. Your site both grounds and challenges me. Thank you.

Marsha McLean

A wise person once said: "It is an art to be able to give back clearly what you have received confusedly." You are an artist.


What grayslady said about the Google format. Carry on, Heidi.


"I'm sick to death of an old love"

that's me

I just want to thank you for your thoughtful comments. As a progressive, pro-Hillary and aggravated with Obama woman, I am having a difficult time with the current political situation. But I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face. I look forward to more consistent reading of your positive, calm and high quality reasoning. I will also get around to supporting the Denver Group; probably later this week. Best to you.


it's long overdue for another party...both the D and R party stopped short of supporting the people long ago. it's mostly lipservice with a few treats thrown to us every once in awhile. i am originally from India--and they have MANY parties---it's a good comparative to study as to whether opening up the playig field might work for us here...

The political structure of the US including the plurality rule election system makes it very difficult for more than two parties to be successful.


Congrats on the new blog! Google does not have a good history with blogs that criticize Obama...

I'm disappointed to read that Act Blue banned The Denver Group. What lunacy. But sadly nothing surprises me anymore. It's a sad sad day when a column by Michelle Malkin talking about the various tactics Obama's campaign is using to suppress opposition's free speech actually makes sense. Real Clear Politics posted it a few days ago. It's as if we've fallen into Alice's rabbit hole.



I have been reading your blog, and following your activities, since I first noticed a comment you posted on TM's blog in mid-March. That day, I e-mailed you about a technical glitch on your blog and told you that I agreed with most of what you had written on your blog.

Since that time, I have agreed with virtually every point you have raised. Through your words and actions, you represent everything that is right and decent and true. Not only has America lost sight of the big picture, but we, as a nation, have lost the notion of principle. Recently, the concepts of Truth, Justice, due process, and franchise have been cast aside in the name of expediency.

When a country allows its government to function with the belief that the end justifies the means, it becomes susceptible to fascism, mob rule, and other forms of chaotic, unrepresentative leadership. By allowing the dismissal of principles, rules, and procedures to promote an agenda (as we witnessed during the Democratic primary season and subsequent Democratic convention), we are abandoning progressivism and regressing to a primitive state where individuality, diversity, pluralism, and humanity are dwarfed by brute force.

While I agree that it may be time to take a step back to reassess the current situation and our goals for effecting positive change, we must press on. Our battle is no longer one of saving the Democratic Party, but of saving the very principles upon which our country was founded and with them everything that is true and good about being human.


Heidi Li,
Yesterday I contributed to a Democratic congressional candidate. I did not check to have my payment go through ActBlue and assumed it would not. Within minutes I received a message from ActBlue thanking me. I sent ActBlue the following message and will contact the candidate with the same message.

I am a supporter of Heidi Li and Mark Rubin at the Denver Group. I would never have contributed to the congressman whose donations you manage had I known it was going through ACTBLUE. I plan to contact the congressman and let him know of your response to the Denver Group.

We have been notified by Act Blue that because we are raising money to run ads that oppose Senator Obama's candidacy for President and no doubt that we are also quite obviously leveling criticism at the DNC for their dishonest handling of the nominating process, and, according to their letter, that we are encouraging the withholding of support for Obama in the election, we are being de-listed by Act Blue and will no longer be accepting contributions through them.
My Name


hi heidi, we continue to support you and your advocacy for true, unadulterated democratic principles.


Heidi, Thanks for all your valuable information and your efforts to educate your readers. I will continue to check your site and support you and the Denver Group.


Heidi, Thanks for your post and your new location! Right now, I am feeling like the lone autumn leaf on the farthest branch of the tree, just out there dangling. I am a west-coast liberal that abhors the Axel-Rovian, Chicago-driven Obama machine.
Many of us have witnessed The Democratic Party assume the tactics of The Republican Party and fear they will become one-in-the-same.
I realize a political party evolves over time, but I can't share the sentiments of a previous comment... "If Obama succeeds it will be easier to change the Republican party into the new progressives."
Actually, i am of the opinion that should he succeed, it will be easier to start a viable 3rd party, but I would much rather fight like hell and save the heritage of FDR's legacy.
I'm optimistic that Americans will reject Senator Obama if activist such as yourself continue to find the forest for the trees! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit (and dress!) need to keep running. Keep running all the way to the door of the DNC where the "change" must really begin.

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