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September 08, 2008


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I think it's hysterical that when John Kerry talks about leadership in promoting change he cites as examples how much money he's given people and how he's supported Obama from the beginning while O'Reilly "didn't even endorse a candidate" like that's really a downside. It's like Obama saying he's qualified because he can run a good campaign. ha ha ha


I am a constituent of Senator John Kerry and a supporter of Ed O'Reilly. Kerry has been out of touch with the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for quite some time. He represents the well-connected, at the expense of the common person. He claims to value "change," which he "proves" by supporting Senator Obama (as if it were a given that Obama represents real change), while he personifies the epitome of stagnation. Were we, the citizens of the Commonwealth, to heed his advice that what America needs is real change, not old Washington politics, then we would vote for Ed O'Reilly, a fresh face and one of us (the people).

Apparently, Kerry cannot see the hypocrisy in his position.

When Ed O'Reilly speaks about the pressing issues of the day, his voice is filled with passion. The degree to which he cares is self-evident. He cares about our country; he cares about the Commonwealth; and, he cares about the people - all of the people.

On Tuesday September 16, 2008, I will vote for Ed O'Reilly. The symbolism of that vote will extend beyond one candidate. It will be a vote for real change, change for the people and by the people.

pfka nycblue

I just watched the entire debate. Ed O'Reilly is fantastic! I sent him $25 (I know, thru ActBlue, which I wish to protest!) and urge the good people of MA to vote for him on Tuesday.

It was great to see Kerry say: I'm for change, I endorsed Obama! Hunh? So did all the other white male Democrats in DC who have seniority.

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