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September 21, 2008


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Personally, I would rather not have Senator Clinton serve in an Obama administration as that might stifle her "voice" on matters like the current economic mess. She clearly demonstrates her grasp of the situation in her statement and she needs free reign in the Senate to run cover for the average American citizen rather than advocate for an incompetent President, be he Democratic or Republican. The saddest part of my last sentence which makes me weep is the word "he". What a wasted opportunity. I have a picture on my blog that shows we have learned nothing in the last 8 years as citizens.


I agree with Democratic Jack that Hillary will serve us better in the Senate, regardless of who is in the White House, though the process of Democratic Party reform will be close to impossible with the Illinois Fraud in the White House.

But the economy is not the only issue on which Senator Clinton is leading the charge this past week. For a full view of the Clinton Parade of Smarts check out


I just wrote to my two senators and my US House representative to support Senator Hillary Clinton's proposal to fix the financial meltdown. I think if all her supporters write their representatives in Congress we can have an impact.

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