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September 29, 2008


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So far I've really only seen this discussed on blogs, though notably (and not surprisingly) not the pro-Obama ones. Things like this and Camp Obama really make me wonder just how deep this rabbit hole goes! I'm not actually equating Obama to Hitler, but I can now see how Hitler could have come to power ("democratically elected"). None of it actually makes sense, of course, but we're watching something similar happen before our very eyes. It's bizarre!


Intimidations of this kind are fascist tools to try to bend the voter's's will. We need people who will NOT be intimidated to uncover such tactics. Such people put their personal freedom, very often their professional reputation, their financial ressources and much more on the line. Let's give support to those people: DFPBP and FDR.


Personally the whole bashing of Republicans and 'old-style' Democrats alike, the camps, the intimidation of free speech,the votig-fraud etc. reminds me of what happened in Eastern Europe after WWII (easy read: Michael Burleigh, Sacred Causes), the rise of Castro in Cuba (after the overthrow of Batista he denied being a Communist but was called out by a.o. cartoonist Antonio Prohias of Spy vs Spy fame, who had to flee Cuba as a result of demonstrators/Castroist mobs baying for his blood), and especially Mao's Cultural Revolution (even the age-groupings are the same: youngsters and old hard-line radicals vs those who still remembered pre-Mao times).

I'm Dutch and the more I learn about Obama (search started because of his eagerness to attack allied Pakistan), the more he scares the crap out of me, especially with the House already in the bag of Pelosi et al.


Fox news just had a big story on it. Why am I not surprised at these tactics?


Senex, Ireland

The American Fuehrer is certainly calling the
shots these days. I am convinced that the youth camps for training and threats to Americans who do
not fall into line are based on the success of the Nazi party 1933/39.
No one seems to understand Obama interpret his
motives and how he is achieving his goals.
As a young boy my home here in Ireland was
bombed and destroyed by the Luftwaffe and aware of
power driven Hitler with his Nuremburg rallies,
with their thousands, and copied by Obama .These
were so real and frightening but ignored by so
many, until it was too late.
Senator Obama's arrogance exceeds that of Hitler and Americans should think carefully
before they cast their vote. There was a cult in
Germany and almost a nation fell under it with
disastrous results for the world and for Germany
itself. Wake up America.........

Good fortune.....Senex, Ireland.

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