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September 21, 2008


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Heidi, I love you and have the utmost respect for you (now comes that familiar horror), but, I cannot see what good this approach would have. Obama does not seem amenable to any plea to do the right thing. He may make a feeble superficial attempt at appeasement in certain instances, such as allowing a roll call and then sabotaging it, but he will not do anything to compromise his hegemony in the party. How do you see he that he does? I don't see it.

Heidi Li

Liliam, I hear what you are saying. Frankly, I do not expect Senator to heed what I am saying nor to act in an honorable fashion. But I believe in resisting from within. I personally will not vote for Senator Obama this season. And I understand and can empathize with Democrats and heretofore Democrats who decide to vote for Senator McCain. That is an honorable choice if you believe that the only way to take back the Democratic Party is for their to be an overwhelming defeat of Senator Obama, especially if you live in a swing state.

As for Senator Obama, I believe that every time he is given an opportunity to do what is right and refuses to, he simply stands a lesser chance of winning. So I don't mind if he pays my suggestions no heed because I don't mind if he loses.


Thank you- I can sort of see your point, but I fear that you are wasting your precious time and efforts. You are correct that your vote for McCain would be fruitless in DC, but your support of him would influence others. It is terribly difficult, I know, as I also don't believe in his policies. I just hope he will show a similar form of pragmatism that Hillary has always shown, when push comes to shove.


Heidi... I find your approach laudable. No course of action feels like a waste of effort if it is the course you feel best about in terms of being true to your own values. Being able to face yourself at the end of the day cannot be bought or bargained. I appreciate your intelligence, passion, and commitment to democratic principles. I am very glad for all of your efforts. It inspires me. Thank you Heidi... Marc, the Denver Group, and Principle before Party. Thank you.


McGovern's loss was certainly a rout, but it was just barely the worst rout in Democratic Party history.

In 1984, up against another Republican president seeking re-election -- one that most progressive Democrats loathed as much as Nixon -- Walter Mondale actually received fewer electoral college votes than McGovern did. He had a slight (just over 3%) edge in popular votes, but Mondale was not only the former vice-president, he was the "safe" choice of the party leadership aiming to reassert their power after the modification of the nomination rules that had resulted in McGovern's candidacy.

Mondale still lost by almost exactly the same margin, even without the active participation of Democratic party leaders and supporters working for his opponent's campaign as Chicago Mayor Daley did for Nixon.

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