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September 28, 2008


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I think with the 700 billion, most likely 1 trillion dollar bailout, that Pelosi's offering will actually cause the party to begin.
Just imagine if you had failed at just about everything and along comes a white knight throwing dollars everywhere. Champagne all around for everyone in Washington, courtesy of Wall Street.

jennifer broder-jones

I am appalled at Speaker Pelosi's remarks. She and Congressman Frank( who definitely was asleep at the wheel) have some nerve,.....Wake up. you couldn't even get enough votes to the table to pass the bill on your own side so quit blaming the republicans. I wish for the days of our for fathers that had the guts to stand up for what they believed in. Shame on you all. If it were up to me I would fire you all and start over. You bring shame on this great nation and on the men that started this country. Get over yourselves and do what is right and learn to put politics aside. You are an embarrassment to your position.

Harley Schlanger

Neither Pelosi nor Barney Frank were "asleep at the wheel." They were acting on behalf of the financial predator's wing of the Democratic Party, headed by mega-speculator (and leading sugar daddy to Obama) George Soros, and Felix Rohatyn, formerly an advisor to Lehman Bros. This is the anti-FDR wing of the Democratic Party, which could not tolerate the thought of Sen. Clinton in the White House.


Interesting how four of the Democratic Illinois representatives, including jesse jackson, jr. voted against the bailout. isn't jackson part of obama's campaign "team"? What a complete and disgusting joke our leaders have become on both sides of the aisle.


Those Dems are outdoing themselves in rising TO the gutter once more. Pelosi and Obama - only hope for future is that they go down to defeat.


You folks are not getting the seriousness of the problem. Everyone of these yahoos are responsible in their own way. Each one cried to regulate the others pet project and that includes Alan Greenspan. Greenspan called for the reigning in of Fannie and Freddie while unregulated credit swap derivatives were untouchable. Credit swap derivatives is a form of insurance fraud. You buy an insurance policy against your losses in the market. The person that sold you this "policy" collects your fees but is not required to back amount of the "policy" with any "assets". Thus the hedge funds at banks went belly up when they had no assets to pay out plus added the stress of bad mortgages. They are still out there unregulated and not backed by any assets. We can also bring in personal credit card debt.(look where Biden gets his bread buttered) Americans hold more personal credit card debt than the combined debt of the 50 poorest countries.
Forget about the stock market right now unless you are nearing retirement. Read this:
Chinese regulators have told domestic banks to stop interbank lending to U.S. financial institutions to prevent possible losses during the financial crisis, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.


We need to get stability in our financial system. I'm afraid if Congress does not do it then the Bush administration will find a new "executive power" to use.

Tessa Gordon

thanks heidi foir that necessary analysis.
As my economist cousin and ex wall street correspondent in London wrote:
"..noticed that Nancy P cocked up again, thus contributing to the crash."

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