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September 16, 2008


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Dems to Win, I do not think Professor Feldman has made unfounded accusations. Tell us what accusations you consider unfounded. Be specific.


As always, great ideas. However, I believe leaving the top of the ticket blank is signing up for taking the risk to have your ballot tampered with, especially in states that use paper ballots. In addition, unless voters know for sure how an incomplete ballot is handled, there's a potential risk there as well. Voters can always call the Secretary of State's office to find out about write-ins or voters can vote 3rd party. But, somehow, some way, I would NOT recommend leaving the top blank.

Donna Mohler

i think the dem. party is too far gone to fix it! maybe we should just start a new one! I cant believe i have always been a dem. and thanks to N.P./H.D./D.B./H.R.and others i consider myself an Independent or leaning republican because there is only one man i will trust in the whitehouse and that is John Mccain!! I Am Honestly ASHAMED To call myself a DEMOCRAT/after those PEOPLE CHEATED SO BADLY IN THE PRIMARIES! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE???


I would love to see Lynn Forester de Rothschild heading up the DNC. Courage, vision and demonstrated leadership abound with her.


Dems to win, Professor Feldman as made NO unfounded accusations whatever. It is always a good idea to do one's one Due Diligence and fact checking before making accusations, and as a professor of law, Ms. Feldman is more aware of the importance of stating only substantiable fact than most. I have never once found an error in fact from any of her posts because there ARE none.


I have to agree with those who express concern about blanking the top of the ticket. Perhaps in days gone by it might have been a viable plan for a noble gesture but, things being what they are in this race which has already demonstrated incredible and boundless corruption and voter fraud, I cannot support giving an opportunity to the opposition by leaving the top of the ticket blank. It MUST be filled in so as to prevent someone else filing it in for you. Witness the Michigan chicanery that took place with voters who chose not to vote for either Kucinish or Clinton, the only names on the ballot: they of the DNC RBC arbitrarily took votes from Clinton and GAVE them to Obama, who was not even ON the ticket. These people are far too dishonest to honor a blank top of ticket vote and we need to realize that, lest they once again seize our votes and claim they know for whom we voted [or didn't].


I would just vote for McKinney. She's right on the issues, is a woman, and has experience. No need to go for McCain or leave it blank.

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