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September 12, 2008


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"...Senator Obama could step down as nominee and the DNC would then have the option of asking Senator Clinton to step in."

I wish.


I would have said "When Pigs Fly" but that was too close to Lipstick on a Pig for me.


Obama will never step down. But I feel that is the only way democrats can regain presidency this year


We love Hillary and want her reputation and good standing with the voters to be intact for her run for PRESIDENT in 2012, preferably as an Independent candidate.
She should be nobody's disposable goods to be used only when it is to his(Obama)/its(Dem. Party) convenience, only to be discarded when the White House has been won. We know how BO was awarded the nomination. Can't forget, can't forgive that.
Senator Clinton needs to understand what her historical run means to all of us women. She is PRESIDENTIAL material and should not play second fiddle to the real "Usurper", BO.
I had decided, even before
Governor Sarah Palin was picked by Senator McCain, that I would NOT vote for an unqualified candidate for Pres.
such as Barack Obama.
Finally, I would not forgive Obama utterly embarassing Senator Biden in by dumping him in such way, either.
Wonder why other big shots in the party
did not want to run with BO?

McCain/Palin '08
Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin '12


Amazonia's comments, above, said it all. Absolutely correct - Hillary Clinton is, indeed, presidential material. She should not play second-fiddle to ANY other candidate. But even at the top of the Dem ticket with Obama as VP, I still wouldn't vote for that ticket. Why not? Because I don't believe Obama should be anywhere near the White House, the Senate, or act in any other legislative capacity. My reasons for saying this are torturously long, and have been discussed ad infinitum for many months by many thousands of other bloggers. Suffice it to say, I don't trust him. And Hillary Clinton shouldn't, either.


I would have more respect for Senator Obama if he fought this battle out win or lose rather than drag another person into the mess. He accepted the nomination and hence, the hope and dream of his millions of supporters. He has a responsibility to do his best. Even with Hillary as VP, it is still his campaign and he is still the one responsible. If indeed he loses, then that is a lesson of hardship he needs to learn.


As Senator Obama's poll numbers slip, the comments I've heard from presumed supporters of his are along the lines of: "the country may not be ready for a black man." The race issue continues to fester as an excuse for Mr. Obama's poor performance. They just don't get it.

As I've often written to Karen Thurman (Florida Dem. Party Chair) and others in the DNC: the people are not stupid. Democrats are now a fractured bunch of frustrated people, who clearly understand fraud and distrust the elections process. In a year when "it's the economy, stupid" should have been the rallying cry, we recognize that the Democratic nominee is ill-equipped to lead, in spite of all hope.


Wouldn't that be a dream come true - Obama steps down - alas, I'm afraid that his ego has no bounds and unlike Hillary, it's more about Barry than the Party, People or Country!


We have returned from a driving vacation throughout northern AZ, eastern Utah, southwestern CO and northwestern NM.

We wear our Hillary buttons everywhere we go. In the states above where the only yard signs we saw were for McCain, each day people who support Hillary spoke with us.

Does the DNC or democratic leadership understand the extent of anger and disgust among many democratic voters? If democrats in the remote areas where we vacationed spoke in support of Hillary, how extensive is the democratic discontent in the heavily blue states?

Perhaps more Hillary supporters should wear their Hillary buttons, it is comforting to talk with others who feel the same as we do. Loyal democrats for 50 years we are now swinging in the wind, with no candidate or party to work for during a perilous time for our country. Heartbreaking!


I hope Obama does not ask her to step in. I cannot vote for any ticket with his name on it. Additionally, if Obama stepped down and Hillary stepped in as the presidential candidate she would not have enought time to get her campaign off the ground in order to win. It would make her look bad and the party would again stick it to her. If I were her I would say no on both counts and wait for 2012.

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