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October 23, 2008


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Heidi Li,

Remarkable you could jump over continents and back in time to make the connection between Salt March and what is happening today.

Keep up your great work!



I am so indebted to you Heidi Li. You inspire me to stand up and stand firm in my conviction that Obama does not represent democracy, or free speech but hypnotic speech and a new world order that I am not sure America will benefit from. But I know that what ever comes, because of people like you and the Denver group there will be a new day for American democracy in the future and perhaps a new third party.


Heidi, the following is such a keen insight. Thank you.

"Contrary to the attitude of the Democratic leadership, they do not literally rule rank and file Democrats, so in this respect there is no parallel between India's struggle for independence from British rule and the present political moment in the United States. But precisely because this year the official Democratic leadership has repeatedly acted as if they rule rank and file voters, we need to make it clear that this is a serious misunderstanding of the relationship between voters and politicians."

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