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October 02, 2008


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Sadly, congressional Democrats have become more interested in keeping their jobs than doing their jobs; and more interested in ruling than governing. The idea that a candidate might run for President specifically for a single term is very appealing right now. How refreshing to have someone who isn't constantly running for office while in office. I haven't voted for a Republican for 25 years, but I'm about to do so again this year.


Marc makes a brilliant case for his stance. It is very persuasive. I really can't agree about McCain's independance on anything that matters to the middle-class voter. As Biden reeled it off last night, McCain was completely in line with Bush on the War, FISA, women's rights, gay rights, the economy, the Military Commissions act, taxes, healthcare, etc.
I am in total accord with Marc and Heidi's goals and fully support most if not all of the means to achieve them. But. No way, no how, no McCain.


A win for obama in November is counter to everything Marc and Heidi have been fighting for, what many of us have been fighting for. A vote for obama goes against all they have been working to accomplish and you cannot rationalize your way around that fact.


ainnj, I thought the Denver Group was all about preserving my vote and my right to choose who I vote for. Am I wrong?


I've been meaning to say thanks for taking the trouble to post this.

I am detecting, in myself, a hope that McCain wins, which suggests I should actually vote for him, instead of protesting the election. That way, I could live with myself in the morning when I see the results of the election.

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