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October 25, 2008


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I read the column (very nice.) But I'm still stumped! What qualified Democrat woman can run in 4 or 8 years if Senator Clinton will not? I very much doubt that the DNC is grooming any woman!


I am 50 years old and I would not wager on my ever seeing another woman running for POTUS on the democratic ticket in my lifetime.

Despite their gender, I cannot blindly support downticket democrats any longer. I find myself more and more disgusted with the democratic party and their candidates, male or female, and with myself for being such a idiot for the past 32 years and believing the democrats were somehow politically and morally superior to republicans.

I hesitate to support any woman democratic candidate that is supported by a PAC (which of course includes most of them) as I saw how female politicians (mccaskill, etc.) who got to where they are today on the backs of women like Ann Richards, Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, were all too eager and amazingly quick to stab those pacs and those political icons in the back to get to where they are today which is in the pocket of obama.
Nope, not me, no more.


I've watched with increasing despair as sexism became common currency in U.S. culture over the past 30 years.

There were my highly educated female friends who insisted that exclusion from a religion's government or from a club or from a country's human rights was horribly wrong if based on race, an individual choice and negligible if based on sex. There were my less educated friends who gave back television's overt pushing of sexism as the norm, racism as an always to be ridiculed or attacked bigotry.

There was the New York Times, with its bogus articles on how women deserved the bigotry inflicted on us. There were Newsweek and Time, for all their cartoonish simplicity still in every medical waiting room and ridiculously, in most college offices somewhere.

I just do not understand why American women support this. The women I knew that I thought had some integrity or some concern for their own agency have never done anything but look aside, or excuse, or comply. When times got too bad for them they left the country, but they never renounced their support of these kind of opinion sources.

Women are a paradigm for the intransigence of oppression. If we could solve it for ourselves, it would be solved for everyone.


"the woman is lauded when she works for the man, villified when she works for herself"
this makes me think of a former "superior" of mine, he was CEO of an Multinational Company, I was his assistant and member of the executive branch. He said to me: "I want you to think, but not independantly". This was 25 years ago; at the time I was hoping and working for progress then. Where are we now??


I can see no joy in politics right now. I see only desperation and overwhelming sadness.

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