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October 01, 2008


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You can like or dislike the bailout, but we are not actually giving money to big financial institutions. We are buying assets from them. Admittedly, distressed assets (mortgage-backed securities), but we are not just handing them money. The taxpayer is getting real assets in return.

And in fairness to Pelosi, Reid and Frank, they are working from a bill proposed by Bush. Their changes have been improvements.

I still oppose the bailout. But please don't misrepresent what it is in your rush to criticize the folks you don't like. ACCURATE criticism is much better.


Isn't there enough money on Wall Street itself to bail out their comrades in greed? It seems to me if every millionaire in this great land would put off buying that new Mercedes for one year and donate the money to the cause, it would generate a number closer to a trillion dollars for some sort of rescue fund that doesn't penalize the taxpayer.
And, yes linda, it is a giveaway. Arguing semantics is counterproductive to the fact you both agree on the basics.


Heidi, once again you state exactly what is going on. There is no trust in the MSM or in Congress. The "bailout bill", as written and changed by very partisan Democrats to create a slush fund for Acorn and pack it with additional pork, became a handout bill that just exacerbated that lack of trust. 66% of the House Republicans voted against the bill but what is amazing is that 40% of the House Democrats did so as well. Perhaps that shows some sense of responsibility on the part of some members of Congress. It is important that the financial markets are liquid and that trust in the system begins to be re-built. I do not think the current so called Congressional "leadership" can do that since they have lost all credibility.


People have to decide which one to trust, that's all.

Obama did not do very much in the last two weeks to get undecideds to go his way. Some of the non-voting Clinton supporters might even decide to vote, but against him.

I don't understand why Obama cares so much about his "traditional voters". They are supposed to vote for him even if he came from Mars. I don't understand either why he seems to believe he can convince others that he is a leader. Nothing wrong about flip-flopping on real issues, but his timing is lamentably off.


I'm beginning to think the whole thing was engineered to get another tax break on capital gains tax. They tank the market, buy up all the cheap stock, sell it off when it goes up a few points after the bailout - and BINGO! NO TAXES ON THE INCOME! Bravo, John Boehner, part well played again. Pelosi, Obama, Dean, Bravo! You got played again!


Speaking of trust, I have no indication that this bill guarantees that any profits the government generates on this venture is going to go directly to the tax payers. It certainly should. They're spending our money after all. I'm not holding my breath.

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