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October 19, 2008


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Except that Barack Obama is not a friend of the gay community. From Donnie McClurkin to Mary Mary to James Meeks, to getting a hair-cut and going to the gym during Chicago's gay pride parade, to refusing to be interviewed by gay publications for most of the primary, to his refusal to have a picture taken with San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom - Obama is not a friend of the gay community. Too bad most of the gay community isn't aware of this.


Just to let you know--I just made a donation to the Denver Group for TV adds. I love the idea of the 'you're not alone' add.

Stray Yellar Dawg

One thing that we can now remember about Powell: He was for the Iraq war before he was against it.

Powell talked the American people into that horrific offensive, and now he is backing the guy who disagreed with him from the start??

Such an opportunistic bullshit*er. I have lost any respect I ever had for the man.


Today's news from Obama is that Powell will play a role in his administration. The guy who sat before the UN Security Council, held up fake documents, and lied about Saddam's WMDs, will be part of Obama's administration. Nice!

in Pennsylvania

Please run some of your TV spots in the Philly metro during the World Series. There will be HUGE viewership for those games, due to the participation of the Phillies.

Is it much more expensive to buy air time in the Philly market? Please let us know I will take up a collection among my friends in the area to donate to your ad buys. Thank you for all your efforts to keep democracy alive.


Powell said in his endorsement of Obama that he objected to McCain tying domestic terrorist Ayers to Obama.
But Powell apparently had no problem falsely tying international terrorism to Saddam? Or was that just a boneheaded move that we should all froget about?
Yet we should never forget that Hillary voted for the AUMF?
I think I get it -- if you are a man, wrong decisions in your past can be explained away, but if you are a woman, they must always drag you down.


It's entirely expected Colin Powell would endorse Barack Obama. Barack Obama is George Bush's true heir. The press's love affair with Obama tells us that. The same people, the billionaire class, who wanted Bush, twice and the war, now want Obama.

Someone like yourself, who has closely followed the primary and now the general election, I'm sure, can see how well Obama works for the 1% financial oligarchy.. It's what he has always done, just now it's bigger in scale.

Barack Obama is the latest in the line of Power Elite African American Trojan horses

Powell..Thomas...Rice...and now, Obama.

of course Powell would endorse his political successor. They have just freshened up this technique by using a supposed Dem.

Then there is the general's record, which I would not touch with the proverbial ten foot pole. Everyone knows about his lying to the UN about the supposed Iraqi WMD...the covering up of Picasso's Guernica in the UN while Powell gave his performance, tells us the general knew it was lies then. You pointed out his role in the " don't ask don't tell" debacle....he was also neck deep in the Iran-contra scandal and Powell was even involved in the My Lai cover-up....his willingness to any work, for the Power Elite, goes way back,indeed, it's all he's ever done. If Powell looks good , it's only because he's so close to the Bush cabal.

Dick Cheney wants that African oil. He wants his distant cousin , Obama to help him get it. Of course Colin Powell will do what's expected of him to help . If one looks back , Bill Clinton 2 terms, was the only slow down in this group's power grab and ascent since Nixon. No wonder they hate the Clintons.

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