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October 09, 2008


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There is no way a howard dean, nancy pelois, harry reid dnc along with a barack obama white will allow hillary clinton ANY power other than what she already has. If obama wins there is no leadership future other than as senator of ny for sen. clinton. Hell will freeze over at least three times before barack h. obama allows Sen. Clinton's voice to be the one Americans hear and take comfort from regardless of how stupid, selfish, narrowminded and arrogant that decision may be.

There are many reasons why obama should not be president, this is just one more.


note: that should read above "a barack obama white house"...


It is interesting that FDR addresses the American people as "my friends" which we also hear from McCain. I really like how he lays this out clearly and step by step. Wish we had this going today. I wish we could have McCain and HRD get a bi-partisan commitment to support an HOLC as a commitment on the bailout funds. McCain has taken a definite step probably at great risk to his Republican base. But he needs to lead all of us through why that economic package works and Obama's does not. I wish Hill and Bill could help him.

Wonk the Vote

Sigh. Another reason not to vote for Obama - Obama is attacking McCain on HOLC.

We really need Hillary:

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