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October 14, 2008


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Bud White

Thank you for the post, Heidi Li. I worry that an Obama election will codify Obama's behavior towards Sen. Clinton and her supporters(Michigan and Florida comes to mind), and turn the Democratic Party into the Obama Party, a place were concerns about sexism, health care, and other HRC issues will take second place to the politics of personality.


Describing it as Obama's party, makes leaving it no longer a difficult choice. No part of me wishes to be connected to that entity. To leave the democratic party a.k.a. "what you called it," is the sooner accomplished the better.


The Nixon-Obama ad was good.


Great post Heidi! The 3 AM text to me revealed such a sophomoric vindictiveness at a time when there should have been an effort to make amends, that Obama and the gang will never earn my vote. I know many people can't believe that undecideds actually exist this late in the game, but hereI am still wavering between my 3 options: not vote, vote republican or write in Hillary for History's sake.

Cyn NY

kcowley, I, too, was thinking of writing in Hillary until I found out from my BOE that she was not "certified" as a candidate in my State and, due to no certification, write-in votes for her would not be counted in NY. In other words, there would be no way of knowing how many people actually voted for Hillary.

You may want to contact your BOE to ascertain if she has been certified in your state.


I mailed my absentee ballot in yesterday. I knew I wasn't going to vote for Obama, but was undecided as to whether I could actually vote for a Republican for the first time in my life. When it came down to filling in a bubble...I left them all empty. I voted for everything else, other candidates down-ticket, propositions, etc. But I just couldn't vote for either one of them. I hope you're right. I hope that my silence will speak loud and clear to the DNC.

Nancy Krumrine

Heidi Li--I want to thank you for reiterating for me in your recent post, and Riverdaughter also, that I can vote N.O.T. and feel ok about it. I haven't been able to make the decision yet to vote for McCain. I've been struggling with it. I went to hear him speak today because he was in my area and it didn't really change anything for me. It's not to say that I may not in the end decide to vote for him, but at this time I can't. I'll one of your biggest supporters in the decades long work to get back our democratic party and our country(although at my age it may only be one decade!) I greatly admire you for your knowledge and your work on your blog and everything you are doing. I appreciate what you and everyone of the Pumas are doing for us. Thanks again, Nancy

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