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October 31, 2008


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Heidi Li, I'm very impressed with this post and the one on being asked hard questions.

My most recent post on my blog refers to both of them with compliments. I'm very interested in the relationship between non-violence and the Suffragist movement led by Alice Paul. She was very influenced by Gandhi, and the Suffragists with her were devoted to non-violence. Their most effective non-violent act was refusing to support the Democratic Party!


I'll be abstaining, too, and it does make people mad. I have to say, though, that I've questioned whether or not I'll be letting others "do the dirty work." Because if I'm brutally honest, I care more about Obama losing than anyone else winning, and everyone voting for McCain is fowarding that cause. But I can't vote for McCain. I don't believe in Drill Baby Drill or military might or letting the states decide on issues regarding basic human rights. LGBT rights primarily. How can people be less human from one state to the next?

And I can't vote for Obama for all the reasons you present, Heidi Li. I can't reward cheating and charlatanism with a pledge of support.

So here I am.


I think I can best categorize my withholding of support from the Democrat nominee as conscientious rejection.


While I respect your position, please consider that our ideologies as well as the Dem Party have failed us, and perhaps both are too corrupt and too restrictive. It is time to look at the human being beneath the "label". That is why I am voting for McCain/Palin.


I have no idea any more what the democratic party even stands for. I too am voting McCain/Palin.

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