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October 29, 2008


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While I agree with her indictment of the Obama campaign, I actually find Ruth Marcus to be overly generous to the junior senator. She gives him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his real intentions -- that is, that he began his campaign wanting to remain above the dirty games of presidential politics as opposed to the way his handlers and strategists felt the need to go.

I do not feel as giving when it comes to acknowledging Obama's integrity. Instead, I feel that he began the campaign with very deliberate plans to seem above the fray while his minions and surrogates did his dirty work for him. Quite a clever -- and obviously effective, given his current standing -- campaign strategy, but nonetheless a conniving and hypocritical one.

Look: Obama rose quickly from the ranks of old-style Chicago politics. He obviously never played fair -- indeed, he would not have succeeded in that world had he done so. What makes one believe that he would begin playing fair on the national level now that his greatest ambitions are within reach?

No -- his entire m.o. has been cold and calculated, and it has surely "hoodwinked" the masses. However, as Heidi Li's post states, it has not fooled all of us.


I saw Wendy Button's post and here is someone who has taken the pains to share her deeply personal journey of disappointment with one party. Of course, more than half the commenters there- who are definitely Obots -choose to attack her as"self pitying", "whiny " and unfairly question the quality of her writing.This is why the entire primary and campaign has sickened me. And I lay the blame for dragging down the level of discourse to ad hominem attacks squarely on the shoulders of the Cult of Sen Obama.

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