Terry McAuliffe's Conversation with Virginians

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October 24, 2008


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I still have some of those postcard stamps with the pumas. I'll be happy to send Obama a #10 envelope. Anyone care to join me? Just sending envelopes w/puma stamps. They have to process them regardless. Just a thought...


The fact that this man who very likely will be the next POTUS needs to be TOLD that this kind of speech is hate speech and should not be tolerated, most especially at a campaign event is just mind boggling. A man who, if it weren't for the WOMEN in his life, in particular his typical white woman grandmother, would NOT be where he is today.


By the way, while having my hair color um, enhanced :) today, my enhancer (or what some would call my colorist) who I have known for years started talking about the campaign, the primaries and how another woman who works there is absolutely crazy as she keeps saying she is voting for Hillary Clinton. Turns out this woman doing her enhancing magic, is voting McCain. She says she doesn't tell anyone about it, I am special of course, was a lifelong democrat (she is somewhere in her late 50s I would gueess) and wasn't all that crazy about Palin when she first came on the scene but she, like me, doesn't think either of these jokers will make a difference in the economy, it will do what it will do and we will have to suffer it out. She is from Poland, her co-worker from Russia, and both are afraid to have such an inexperienced person like Obama and what was once a great Senator and now a bumbling motormouth for a VP.
Maybe there are more like them out there, keeping quiet. I hope so...


so depressing. no class. no surprise.

BTW, your link to tell BO doesn't seem to be working for me.

[note from Heidi Li - I will check the link]

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