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October 26, 2008


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Thank you for this post. Seeing the true final numbers again is a much needed reminder of the venality of Howard Dean, his associates, and the process by which the candidate was selected. The ersatz truncated roll call was indeed the final straw. I agree that all Democrats should be asking these questions for they are good and just questions to raise. I fear that the vast majority are not. I agree with you -- I too will not support Senator Obama, and I agree also with your reasons. I haven't decided yet whether I will not vote at all or vote for McCain/Palin. Either decision is a painful one.


Beautifully and succinctly stated, Heidi Li. I sent it to my cousin and will probably send it to others. Not to influence them, but simply to state my position better than I have to date.

Nancy Armstrong

Hi Heidi. Your name came up in a post of mine today...I just got done reading an interesting post at American Thinker about the state of the polls. I gave you a shout out in my post because I was reminded of your generosity during the primaries....and for the first time in a long time I wasn't angry at Hillary. I have been ranting to the five dogs about what a coward Hillary was for not standing up for herself and her supporters but I remembered that she will always remain true to the un-Democratic Party that has risen from the ashes of Denver.

As always you and I are running different paths. Kansas is still a Republican state, so I am getting in line and voting McCain but that is okay because we all make our own choices and it is those differences in us as people that make us who we are today. There is one Democrat here in my district worth voting for. Her name is Pam Frieden. While I don't know her personally I had the chance to meet and do business with her mom. After meeting her mother and researching Pam I found her to be an acceptable candidate, none of the other Democrats in Kansas are worth a hoot.

Thank you for reminding me how close things really were. I think that it wasn't so much about a man and a was about Obama being chosen in 2004 to give a keynote speech at that convention and Hillary. The proof is in the pudding. Obama was to be the one in 2008. He was likely chosen by Dean and the others not because he was a strong candidate but because he was weak and would follow whatever the Democratic leadership in Congress wants. Hillary is strong and not easily controlled.

More than Dean and the Congressional leadership it is the money all about the money and who backed Dean in 2004. Dean was the experiment, Obama is the end result of that failed experiment.

It is my sincere wish that the un-Democratic Party gets their comeupance come November 4th and Obama loses. It is my wish that we clean house of the Obama thugs that are in those post. If we can't I don't know what we will do. I guess it will be time for a new Democratic...Democratic Party.


Thanks to Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, and the delight the misogynist Obama campaign took in playing the race card, lying to Democrats, and using Republican talking points against Clinton, I voted Green. It felt good to vote for my political issues and not for party loyalty.

Staunch Woman

Thanks, Heidi, and these are all good points. I might suggest, though, that the two Democratic contenders for the nomination be characterized as: "a woman who is unequivocably and deeply qualified for the position, and a man who is most definitely NOT qualified". That the choice of the lesser was engineered by the Democratic party, simply on the basis of his gender (or rather, on the basis of what gender he IS NOT), is unconscionable.

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