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October 16, 2008


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That's a terrific article. I believe you need to be in the White House. It certainly could use someone like you.

Bernice Anderson


A very good outline of what we have (sadly) learned during this election season and a good reminder that we must think and act long term. Mandela's life certainly has demonstrated such long-term staying power (and, like Martin Luther King, Jr., he spoke out against racialism in any form, regardless of the color of one's skin). Yet, in our society, we demean older people, often with sayings such as "This is not your grandmother's, or your father's, or your mother's (xyz)." Thus, there seems to be little respect for long-term thinking or the wisdom of those who have seen many travesties in our past.

It seems to me that what we are seeing in this season is the total loss, or lack of, historical knowledge and finally an utterly complete breakdown of civil respect (particularly shown by the crude misogyny used against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin). Does this mean that we Americans simply do not know our own history or do not share common decency and common ethics? Are our young people not being taught history and decency? Who are the older people who are preying on their lack of knowledge or exploiting their need for belonging, even leading them into a cult that promotes misogyny,intimidation, and gaming of the polls, thereby encouraging them to overlook our country's greatest foundation -- that we are a nation of laws working toward fairness, tolerance and equality?


Heidi, your thoughts and writings have and continue to, provide vital intellectual fiber to very emotional topics. I know how I feel,but get frustrated when I can't articulate it....however time after time, I find you have out lined it wonderfully in thought, law, and bedrock principle. Thank you, yet again

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