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October 23, 2008


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You are very lucky to have such family members Heidi. Unfortunately, a few members of my family that I was close to all my life have basically cut off communications and I do not believe we will ever look at each other again in the same way. Who would have believed how closed minded the left could be. This has been an eye opening experience in addition to a heartbreaking one. I am used to being on the losing side of elections, afterall I was a democrat all my life. But never have I gone through an election season and come out with so many losses as this season. I have lost my faith in my former party, lost my faith in the so-called 4th estate, lost respect for so many so-called feminist icons, lost friends and family and much of my hope for the future of women in thei country. You are an amazing person Heidi, to be willing to fight on. Once this election season is over I am done. Things are bleak and just going to get bleaker under an obama, pelosi, reid administration.

Susan B.

Dear Heidi: Thanks so much for your hard work and for sharing this with us. I too have lost the "esteem" of friends and relatives who think I am crazy for not supporting Obama and frankly do not understand it at all. I have spent the last year trying to get the information out there, first for Hillary's candidacy and then to tell others about the corruption of the DNC and Obama in particular with wonderful insights given to us by yourself, Marc, Lynette, and PUMAs across the board. However, I have met with resistance on all fronts, and while I think I will still be friends with some of the people, I have to admit I see now just how narrow my range was in listening to others and in judging others while a democrat. If it were not for this election I would probably be trashing Sarah Palin just like so many others. Now I view her with respect and admiration. I am greatful to be able to realize that there are more viewpoints out there than just mine and it has broadened my world view very much. I owe this all to the corruption of the DNC which was/is so blatant that I could not support/endorse/reward their abominable activities. Our political system is deeply flawed and I realize now the work that is needed going forward is to fix the system. We need candidates that are more to the center and not so extreme. Perhaps in the future there will be the need for a qualified and legitimate third party candidate who can draw from both sides of the aisle and really serve the American people. Thanks again Heidi.

Alice Paul

I am no longer speaking to anyone "friend" or not who voted for Obama and refused to say one word about the misogyny and most especially who went along with the caucus frauds, the vote stealing and the sham fake roll call. Once any democrat saw or knew of those things, they should have stood up and done the right thing.

It isn't JUST that it happened either, it was that women were allowed to be rendered as "less" in so many respects by all of this. I'm sorry but, others who came before me deserved better. WE deserved better. Senator Clinton WON more votes and even won the right to the nomination should the D.N.C. have done the right thing about the rampant caucus fraud. The entire thing was planned.

I have no desire to associate with anyone who silenced 18 million voters and the will of the people and who exploited and used hatred of my gender so their shiny new candidate could steal this election.

I'll never forgive the party, and no I will never see these people in the same way. They will forever hold the female candidate to ten times the standards. How dare they to this very day speak of Hillary Clinton as if she is the same human being as her husband. How dare they say "his policies are the same as hers" as if it excuses vote stealing and if they were so concerned with policies then why did they not vote for her in the first place since SHE had more qualifications? Perhaps these people need to examine their own attitudes towards women.

Back in the primaries a friend I knew for five years wrote me an email talking about Obama and "hope" I wrote her back that I supported Hillary and from that day to this I have not heard another peep from her. So be it.

I see these people as traitors, back stabbers, misogynist even if it's closeted, and un American. Good bye and good riddance. My vote was stolen and as a woman that is unforgivable to me. Anyone who sat silent for it and went a long with it is no friend of mine.

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