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October 06, 2008


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Can you please direct us to some statement by HRC where she pledges not to accept public financing. When you last discussed this issue in April you wrote the following;

"It is possible, even likely that were Senator Clinton to become the nominee, she
would decide THEN to opt out of the public financing system. So, I take your point"

Distorting the truth does not help and only serves to diminish whatever remaining credibility you have. I suggest you go back and reread the 9/29 post you authored concerning Nancy Pelosi and then take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. I'm not a psychiatrist but I think that's what is known as projection.

Pagan Power

Obama wouldn't even help his own party let alone the American people. He is in this for him. And only him.


Again, well written Heidi. I think the market free fall stems from the lack of trust in the Democrat leadership and a lack of trust in the MSM and what we read. Life itself requires a modicum of trust and right now there is very little of it.

The lack of trust is probably compounded by a lack of understanding in the financial global markets about the amount of money that it takes to maintain its liquidity. The global GDP in 2007 was $65.95 trillion and the money supply is normally around 20% of GDP. This means that the money supply globally is around 13.9 trillion. For a world population of some 6.7 billion and with economies throughout the world growing 13.9 trillion may not be adequate to the task. I am not an economist but I do think the theoretical framework of the global economy may need a bit tweaking.


I believe Obama's final answer on rejecting public financing was that the system is broken, and being Obama he didn't want to dirty his hands with a money from a broken system.

"The public financing of presidential elections as it exists today is broken, and we face opponents who've become masters at gaming this broken system."

He'd much rather get his money from illegal foreign contributions. Wow, that's change you can believe in!

I guess it would take a man whose campaign gamed the caucuses, and whose party gamed the primaries and convention, to know just who is capable of gaming and who isn't.



Senator Obama promised to accept public financing and then flip flopped on the issue and said he would not accept public financing. What does his word mean? I'll tell you, nothing.

Senator Clinton never made the promise, at least she was being honest, unlike your deluded cult of personality leader.



Trolls always attack the the messenger to try to demean their comments. Their leader said "get in their faces" and so they obey.


"honestly?" A curious sounding username for one with such drone-like behaviour.


this is worth a reread.


Feldmania strikes again, with brilliance! We do have our work cut out for us in the next 4 years.

In the interest of fair play, we must acknowledge that Sen. McCain was lead to campaign finance reform though his involvement with Charles Keating, something he has admitted to himself.


Awesome post HLF !
there is more than enough evidence to show that bho is marching to the drum of power, money, greed; constantly taking credit for other people's work; and hiding and bait-switching on what we folks appropriately seek to know about his past, given that he is vying to be the leader of our great nation.

keep up the pressure HLF.


HLF's daily balm of truth and reason have once again come to our rescue. Patriot and scholar par excellance, a PUMA prototype of eloquence and integrity reminds us of what is right and true and helps us to keep our focus on the importance of being ernest ;)


Blah! Sheep! You're blind sheep!

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