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October 10, 2008


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"May our next president be as wise."

Sorry Heidi, that's just not possible. 1/8th as wise would be a reach.


I love these posts. I get so entranced by Heidi's grasp of history and her gift of correlating the past to the present.
Thank you, Heidi.


When I think about pre-naming cabinet posts I can't help but think about poor Colin Powell. He didn't want to run for President because the process offended him and he felt it was demeaning. Then BushCo sent him in front of the UN to pass on their lies about yellow ore and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

They used him to win their election and then ignored him until he couldn't stand to be associated with them any more.

Personally I wouldn't want to sign onto either campaign at this point. Would anyone want to take the chance that it was anything more than a gimmick?

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