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October 19, 2008


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If the description of the hubris nemesis complex is a psychological/analytical one, I would like to add that the "need and greed to feed" the complex will never be completely satisfied, there will always be more power grabbing, the need is perpetual, it will only be terminated by disaster. Hitler had exactly this complex, didn't he?


Excellent! So, what's the conclusion? How do we stop it?

don tufts

great post hedi,spot on.btw i was right in my assumption about the zogby reports rnc started running ads this morning about barkys approval of illegals having drivers licenses.



Why don't people wake up?


From what I have concluded in reading various comments and from watching Hillary's diligent efforts on behalf of Obama, it seems that people with positions of great authority have given up the fight to stop him. Accepting "the handwriting on the wall," they therefore are going along to get along and are hoping for the best after the election.

When we look at history, this seems a tragic approach. Hubris-nemesis. Great suffering.

And how long are we going to suffer as a nation because we choose a leader with some kind of major psychological complex? How much harm is yet to come to those who question that person? Joe the Plumber is the latest to experience Obama's wrath. Who will be next?


Interesting. He has certainly displayed a messiah complex and a need to destroy anyone who opposes him.

Not Your sweetie

Fantastic essay! Hubris/nemesis is indeed the pattern that was displayed throughout this election, with the media cheering on and projecting it on his opponents (Hillary's "inevitability" meme and the so called unacceptable tone from both Hillary and McPalin)

Northwest rain

Great article -- very thought provoking.

Yes I agree -- Obama and Nixon share many personality traits.

However, Nixon was far more experienced then Obama will ever be -- because Nixon wasn't lazy like Obama seems to be.

Obama likes to surround himself with an adoring circle of enablers -- much like Nixon and they both like the trappings of power. Obama has his presidential chair on his smelly airplane -- and Nixon dressed the palace guard well like something out of an opera.

Obama seems to think he can delegate the stuff that doesn't interest him -- meanwhile he can do the tasks that feed his ego.

The democratic party is gone --murdered by the DNC. All for the adoration of a con man from Chicago via Hawaii.

Susan B.

After reading this article, I can see what Obama and Oprah have in common. Both attended Rev. Wright's Trinity (black liberation theology) racist church. When you hear Oprah's biography on television, she ALWAYS mentions in there that she just knew SHE WAS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. What scares me most about Obama (a long list of things) is his naivete regarding the motives of others. Many Germans did not share Hitler's ideologies but were willing to be his pawns for a myriad of reasons. Obama is a willing pawn for others (terrorists, racists, crooks) and therefore very dangerous. He is the Trojan Horse hiding excessive dynamite and deceptive practices well thought out not by him but by others who wish to do this country harm. He is the Charlie McCarthy to their Edgar Bergen. I fear that with Obama at the helm, these people may get their wish.

AJ Fish

"Such a leader seeks constant attention. The bigger the audience and the larger the stage, the better. He hates to be upstaged or ignored—and if he is ignored, he may brood on how to regain attention. He does not tolerate abandonment by subordinates. And he is intolerant of both domestic and international rivals. Domestic rivals are crushed, especially if they challenge his power or vision. He is more likely to compete than cooperate with his international counterparts, perhaps especially if their behavior also fits the hubris-nemesis mold."

Chilling. Have you heard his election night party is going to be bigger than his stadium party?

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