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October 09, 2008


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Cyn NY

Heidi, I just watched all four videos and I have gone from rage to despair and back to rage again. I will never, ever vote Democrat again. This is not my party.

Regardless of what happens in the future, whether or not the DNC will be able to come to terms with what they have done, they have seriously rigged the outcome of this election and left us with a flawed, inexperienced candidate at a time when America needs a strong leader. Hillary is that leader.

God help America.

Cyn NY

And, more importantly, I donated again.


I will not even vote for the downticket dems this election, at least not the ones in Congress. Look how well pelosi, reid, frank, et al have done so far....rubberstamping bush every step of the way, keeping a keen eye on all that goes on around them. Just imagine what it will be like with them attached at the hip to the obama white house. So much for that silly charade of checks and balances.

I really really wish that Sen. Clinton and Pres. Clinton had not finally broken down to become obama cheerleaders. There was nothing to gain for either of them and so much to lose for them and for us.


Heidi ,Thank you so much for posting FDR words. However to read such great words is heart breaking....I feel like a starving person shown a picture of a feast,of which they cannot partake. Such leadership and humanity!...which could have been ours even today, but was denied us. Hillary Clinton wanted to lead in such a manner and was ready to work non stop for the actual betterment for US people. Certainly in the view of the top 1%,that had to be stopped at all costs... in FDR's time they were not successful. We have not been that fortunate.

The press, but IMO even the Bush wing of the GOP are working to elect Obama, Bush's true heir. If the Bush wing of the GOP were working for McCain, IMO, the press would be pimping the third bin Laden tape and several orange alerts already. But instead we see an amazingly timed economic crisis, both Bush and the Dem congress are working together on , that helps Obama, the candidate of the $$$ top 1%.

Everything about this crisis that's real , was there a year ago, why has it come to head now? Because huge bonds were timed to end now and Paulson, Bush and the Dem congress are running around screaming about it . This helps Obama....and it gives him excuses for not delivering anything to the public when he's installed. I said" yes we can, but now we are broke! Sorry suckers! Oh and we will need your Social Security too! Hope and change!! "

It is vital we read FDR's words now so we can remember what such leadership was like. because we are in danger of not just living without it, but forgetting even what it looks like. Thankfully Hillary is keeping a candle in the window on that score. Thank you for adding to the light.


I just read ainnj's excellent post and yes an Obama POTUS and this dem congress are itching to hand over the store to the corporations... Lord help us. and yes it's awful to see Hillary campaign for Obama. When I said she is keeping a candle lite,I meant the work she is doing in the Senate. Even as she currently works for Obama's election, Hillary is all we got at the barricade at the national level.


This is regarding a couple comments here. I suspect a reason the stock market fell so much this week is Obama's being ahead in the polls. The stock market is full of Republicans. If they *wanted* Obama in office, they would not be despairing right now. OTOH, maybe they're sending their money to some tax havens in anticipation of an Obama presidency, so aren't despairing at all..


Heidi, anything I could say pales beside your ever-wise words. Thank you. Again.

P.S. Suzanne, remember that 60% of Obama's funding comes from Wall Street...

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