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October 03, 2008


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What a wonderful post, thank you Heidi Li; I share your hope.

Mary Beth

Heidi, I just want you to know, that when I get so twisted up inside and truly think I've fallen down the rabbit hole, because of this horrific situation I and many of us are in...I come to you and you give me allow me to understand through your words,what I must do.
Thank you Heidi for all the hope you give and the community you serve so well.


I truly agree with your last paragraph. Great post, HLF.


Well done Heidi. What many do not want to understand is that the way the Democratic nominee, the Speaker, the Senate Majority and the DNC have run this campaign is the way they want to govern. They are telling the American citizen what they are really like. People always tend to tell you who and what they are. They show your their character in their actions. If anyone thinks this group will miraculously change down the line they are deluding themselves.

CKA in Red State USA

Respectfully, I think the Democrat Party has now transformed itself fully into the Democrat Fascist Party.

To call them and their head fascist "authoritarian" is to be polite.

They have become enemies of the people.

And they've certainly been exposed as misogynists, through their behavior toward Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

They've also been exposed as racial arsonists who will creat turmoil and incite division to win.

So, indeed, this is a pivotal election.

If America chooses these fascists, there'll be at least two very long years, until the Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who cares, find ways to overturn the Democrat majority in Congress.

And then two years later, through the Marxist from Chicago and his angry mate out of Washington.



There is a glaring dichotomy in the BObob political machine. It presents BO as a very religious person who is honest and trustworthy. It has promulgated the idea that he is special, almost godlike and can do no wrong.

Then, generally behind the scenes and certainly unseen or unheard by the msm media, the BObob machine grinds out a completely different agenda.

Christi Parsons writing in the Chicago Tribune reports on the formation of Obama Youth Camps where campers will be schooled in the policies and promises of BO. Also they will be taught campaign skills and hear lectures by old friends of BO who will indoctrinate them in his biography and policy positions.

This sounds eerily like the way a European dictator in the past conditioned and maintained a huge corps of youth to blindly follow him, even to betraying their own parents.

And what is one to make of the chorus of 22 children, aged 5-12, uniformed alike in blue Obama shirts singing to their dear leader. It too brings back memories. [Watch both videos for yourselves].

All the time, to give his not-so-Christian endeavors cover, BO has relentlessly reached out to evangelical voters and their pastors. His effort is to increase participation in his Matthew 25 PAC by young, moderate evangelicals, Catholics and Protestants committed to electing him president.

And to keep any protester or non-believer in line, his Truth Squad makes itself felt all over the country. Truth squad video -

When the Missouri public prosecutor announced that public officials of the state would be “joining Obama’s Truth Squad, there was concern. Could this lead to police threatening or arresting anyone who questioned anything about him?

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is not amused. “The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.”

Apparently Missouri is not the only state targeted. It has been revealed that Obama legal teams in Pennsylvania and Ohio are accosting radio/TV stations. This is to prevent them from broadcasting NRA ads that challenge Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy was “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Obama’s domestic policy appears to be “Praise Jesus and if you dissent I’ll have you clubbed and your children re-educated to worship me."


Excellent Heidi. It really distills the whole problem with this election into a consise statement:

I do not want my Party, the Democratic Party, to be defined by an intent to win elections by any means necessary; I want my Party to be able to win elections on the basis of truly democratic and historically Democratic intent.


Barack Obama is an absolute danger to the nature of this republic. Eleven months of watching and researching this man reveal an allegiance only to self and the advancement of that self interest his entire adult life through the rigid and unyield practice of the Alinsky method of bounds, no means disallowed, no
action inappropriate to serve the end: self interest. Barack Obama is an absolute fraud and he must be defeated or we are doomed to the extinction of this country as we know it, even in its worst times and history, let alone its best.


I'm still with you Heidi. This has been a painful election, and I see many Democrats folding under the pressure to support the Party, regardless of how we got here. I cannot forget the abusive and corrupt methods that were used to secure the nomination by both Senator Obama and the DNC leaders. It is a fundamental violation of our democracy, and I will not endorse it with my vote.


I totally agree with Heidi Li.As I set and watch this election unfold,It amazes me as to the extent one man can get by with,being corrupt,stealing a Primary,committing voter fraud through ACORN,associating with known Anti-American terrorist WILLIAM AYERS,His racist Preacher REV.WRIGHT and even as to go so far as to try and underhandedly negotiate the return of our troops behind the current Presidents back.When will it all end? It has to.I just cannot see this kind of person as our COMMANDER in CHIEF,can you? This Democrat is disgusted with the Democratic Party in whole.Not only did some of them cover up the FANNY and FREDDY fall out,they have given us a PRESIDENTIAL candidate with NO MORALS and NO EXPERIENCE.


Bravo Heidi. Thank you for this, I will print it out and email to as many people (democrats) as possible.


i can not and will not support the Fraud!


Not so coincidentally, I suppose after the events of this election season, last night and this morning I was thinking about some of the same ideas that are in your post. Obama has always seemed a fraud to me, so who is he really? He seems to me, to be an authoritarian looking for a country to be dictator of!


It's hard to lionize Thurgood Marshall because of the very qualities that made him exceptional. No one epitomized existential courage as he did and few have resisted, as he did, the temptation to let the media define who they are.

Obama is not worthy to share the same country with Justice Marshall. It would have restored my faith in this 200+ year old experiment in the right of all to self-government had I been able to vote for someone of Marshall's caliber. Obama has made a travesty of that process.


"The French Revolution - meant to end authoritarian rule in France - ended in The Terror - tyranny by mob rule."

Thank you for reminding me of that one. There're so many examples of one dictatorship brought down for one of a different, and worse kind even if everyone initially thought the change was for the better. I keep citing examples from Afghanistan in the 1980's (the USSR brought down by the mujahedeen who then proceeded to become tribal warlords and were replaced by the crazy Taliban), or Iran (the Ayatollah came in saying he wanted to introduce "change" and "hope" for the future of Iran and go back to a time when Iranians were proud of Iran), or multiple African nations in the late 20th century.
Most Obama supporters I speak to have NO knowledge of what I'm citing and so it makes no impact. Maybe giving them examples from the French revolution will be better.

Or maybe they - and we - are doomed to re-learn the painful lessons of the past by living through them.


Beautiful, Heidi.

And absolutely spot on.

I cannot support the Democratic nominee. Anyone who obtains the nomination by means of fraud and disenfranchisement does not deserve my support.

Just because he shows himself to be similar in tactics to his distant relative Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove, doesn't mean I should side with him, knowing that he has imitated and even surpassed dirty tricks used by the other side of late.

No thank you. This is not the Democratic Party I knew.

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