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October 24, 2008


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Stray Yellar Dawg

Thanks for compiling all of these affronts, Heidi Li.

You are the best!

and, indeed... why *doesn't* Obama denounce this woman hate?

Cuz he is too busy palling around with JayZ:

Bud White

Thank you for the beautiful essay, Heidi Li. I agree fully with your sentiments. Not only has Obama not spoken against sexism, I believe the attacks on Gov. Palin by Obama and his team have been openly sexist and he has benefitted politically from them. The questioning of her experience and intelligence -- when Obama's judgment and experience are off-limits -- is so obvious to me that I can't believe "progressives" don't object. Indeed, they push the narrative against the Governor of Alaska.


Heidi Li...this is one of the most disturbing aspects of this election! To fight this sort of portrayal of women is going to mean a fundamental change in the American psyche. It means "all hands on deck" to fight this fight!

I supported Senator Clinton in the primaries and was disgusted by what occurred. I am currently disgusted by her silence on this matter. How is it possible that she isn't speaking out against what's currently going on? By condemning it when it was used against her and not condemning it when it's used against another female candidate she's giving it her tacit "stamp of approval". I know she's not personally using it against Gov. Palin, but she's complicit in it through her active support of Senator Obama and her relative silence. So how can we hold Senator Obama to a higher standard when Senator Clinton doesn't even currently condemn it, except when it was politically expeditious to do so?

I have a great deal of respect for Senator Clinton, but on an issue of significance like this I am very disappointed in her silence. Our politicians must learn to "walk the walk and talk the talk" for the good of all the American people, even if it's politically hazardous to do so!!

Heidi Li, I read your columns regularly and want to thank you for your thought provoking articles and dedication to the "truth" of what has been happening during this election cycle!!

M. A. Liginter

nice piece and nice work. It's an uphill battle but please know that there are women in the media starkly opposed to the how journalism was practiced this election cycle. was established by such women to fight the sexism in media battle.
kind rgds,
the Editors of Femisex


Someone posted this quote at The Confluence. It is from the NY Times, 1984, about Geraldine Ferraro. It is a stunning illustration of what has happened to that once-hallowed paper, and the rest of our nation:

"On occasion, Americans find it necessary to rationalize this rough-and-ready process. What a splendid system, we say to ourselves, that takes little-known men, tests them in high office and permits them to grow into statesmen. This rationale may even be right, but then let it also be fair. Why shouldn’t a little-known woman have the same opportunity to grow? We may even be gradually elevating our standards for choosing Vice Presidential candidates. But that should be done fairly, also. Meanwhile, the indispensable credential for a Woman Who is the same as for a Man Who - one who helps the ticket."


The silence is worse. I have waited since early in the primaries for him to "be a man" and speak out against the misogyny and to forcefully tell his supporters to cool it. But instead after he destroyed one woman in his quest to be the illegitimate Democratic nominee, he now has a new woman to destroy and it seems just all in a day's work to him.


Heidi, you're one of the few bloggers that have stayed sane and centered throughout this entire fiasco, and for that I thank you.

Because of the economic crisis, it seems that Senator Obama is going to be rewarded with a landslide victory despite the dirty, sexist campaign he waged. That is a bitter pill, but there will be consequences. I will never feel the same way about my party again. I will also be abstaining this year, and I will continue to abstain until the Democratic party acknowledges and repudiates the misogyny they unleashed this year.


This is spot on. My sister,a Hill supporter, who I couldn't have survived the primaries without, told me she early voted for BO and was afraid to tell me, more than anyone. Needless to say, I was floored and upset with her. "Because he is a dem", she says. After a long talk(and some yelling) and me having to explain again how he is NOT a dem, we are still sisters and I refuse to let this come between us.

However, I vowed, I will never let you forget this as long as you live.

I am sending her this link right now as a little reminder. Thank you, Heidi.

Alone in the Bay Area

Thank you Heidi.
I am so thankful to see this article. I feel so alone. I am in my 30s and am made to feel like a dead, bitter old woman for even mentioning the issue of respect (when did MILF become a subject for the Sunday talkshows). I am saying now that I will never vote for another Democrat. The "hope" I carry is that the party will see the need for "change." Change from the self-righteous intolerence of those who do not support the golden-tongued handsome young man. More than 50% of the party, at least those that have stopped to think about it, can do a lot to bring about that change.
Again, thank you.


Thank you, Heidi. This is exactly right. Unfortunatley, I'm afraid hoping Senator Obama will step up to the plate and disavow misogyny at this late date is not realistic. Which is not to say we should not still encourage him to do so. At your suggestion, I'm making a call to his campaign - not a pleasant expericence for me - about it right now.

He won't renounce these tactics because they have benefited him at every stage of his campaign.

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