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November 09, 2008


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Thank you for this, Heidi. Although living in Texas at the time of his vice presidency, I was too young and not politically astute to follow Hubert Humphrey's endeavours closely. But it touches me today to read your post and catch up with his amazing accomplishments.

Indeed a personality like him, preferably a woman, is what we need desperatly today.


There's at least one problem with finding a Hubert Humphrey today--the mainstream media. Journalists used to be objective, therefore, when someone like Humphrey stepped up, he had journalists willing to do their job and willing to query other politicians and enlighten the public. President-elect Obama won his seat because no one in the media was willing to question him--in fact, they covered up for him. Chris Matthews, the original Mr.
Tingle up his leg, has said in an interview [post the election] that he will "continue to do whatever he can to help this presidency succeed", meaning that he will continue to be in the tank for Obama. Heidi Li, we not only need a Humphrey type of politician, we also need our objective media back (or at least, the MSM can pretend to be objective). I am troubled by more than just how mean-spirited the DNC was this election year, or the new low in requirements and moral/ethical standards for the highest office in the land; worse still is the death of the objective press.


You are absolutely correct in the assertion that we need a leader of conscience to step out of the ether and forcefully advocate on behalf of the people, one who is not motivated for the sake of ambition, but by need; not the desire for power, but the desire to empower (I think I just had a Jesse Jackson moment). What is ironic is that I believe that people believe they found that in the president-elect, who in fact embodies the polar opposite of what Humphrey represented.

I think we caught a glimpse of someone who is cut from the same cloth. He ran against John Kerry in the Massachusetts primary. I hope we have not seen the last of him.


Heidi, I'm demoralized. I have no party because deep inside me I know that the Democratic Party will never be the party of FDR or HHH or Bill Clinton again, and the GOP will never be the party of Lincoln or Eisenhower or even Goldwater. It's time to recognize that many of us have been left out of the political discourse. I will watch for a new party to represent me, but I won't hold my breath.


i would like to know if we have become so marginalized by the "new" crop of voters and campaigns (the ones with the big data bases, unlimited amounts and possible questionable dollars, a bought off media, respect for the system of laws and a cheating democratic party) that we no longer have a viable voice or vote? for the past 20 or so years, civic pride, american government and history, the constitution, etc. has no longer been taught, so if we are becoming minority voters due to population shifts why would our voices be heard and our points of view be taken seriously. i would really like to know what people's opinions are and what we can do about it, if anything. is it possible that we could influence the gop? i know that many dems don't even want to go there, but i'm beginning to think that we are a dying breed with no reason to vote anymore or to be involved. my time $100 no longer means much. my vote and letter writing and phone calls seem to mean just about the same. anyone?

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