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November 14, 2008


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tony smith

wait until you see the latest.....clinton for sec'y of state!


Thanks, Heidi, you've given me the one single fact I needed in order to keep donating - how much difference our efforts made.

I quit giving money to retire Sen. Clinton's debt when I could find nothing, absolutely nothing, on how much the first two drives during the summer raised. It makes a very big difference when you can see an impact, no matter how small, you've made. It's very discouraging when there seems to be none at all.

I know blogs owners have given a lot of good reasons why they wouldn't post a "debt clock", but can you keep readers updated on the amount owed as we go forward?


Thanks, Heidi Li. Money is very tight, but Hillary's political well-being is important to my mental health. I hope we can make a dent!


If Senator Clinton stays in the senate where she can do the most good, and she declines the Secretary of State post, I will donate. We'll know very soon.

Alice Paul

This is a great idea Heidi as always! Now here is something "hopeful" to get behind!!

I am pretty disgusted with the Obama camp who are rolling in dough for not rewarding Senator Clinton by retiring her debt. She's owed at LEAST that. That and the head of the health care policy position. Kennedy was being a total ass not wanting the "girl" who wrote the book on this and who has the most detailed, workable and comprehensive plan on this to have the "job"

His so called "legacy" just went down another five notches after that tantrum with me...and I STILL remember another woman named Mary Jo who Teddy didn't care much about.

Retiring Hillary's debt, helping to do so will be my utmost pleasure. I LOVE this idea!!

I'll spread this link around too!



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