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November 28, 2008


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I can't say I totally agree with this comparing Obama with LBJ. If anything I would compare Hillary Clinton with LBJ.

Northeast politicians talked allot and did little. LBJ had vast legislative accomplishments,but was still considered and outsider to the northeast types. Obama talks allot and has had little to show for it. However, Obama is still more of a insider to the political machine of northeastern Dean than a more productive midwest and southern roots of Hillary Clinton.

Although we would consider LBJ a hawk in today's terms, he was not considered to be so by the likes of Barry Goldwater and the Republican party. This was the impetus of the "Daisy Commercial" that was directed against the hawks of the Republican party during the election of 1964. The republicans used the mantra that the democrats were too soft of communism. Republicans use a similar argument today only substituting terrorism. Whether this charge from republicans influences democrats to be "more hawkish" to their own detriment is still debatable


A pretty good case can be made that, in spite of good intentions, many, many of Lyndon Johnson's policies were ineffective or failed entirely. Good intentions are not enough.

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