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November 03, 2008


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Wonk the Vote

Heidi, brava!

Steven Mather

Well said, as per usual.


And Obama has not thanked Hillary once with any real gusto. He has not credited her for anything, nor will he. Yesterday after trashing President Clinton for months he said he will be following the Clinton economic plan. Hey Obama we could have had the real deal.


This is amazing - disaffection leading to conciencious objection, sadness turning into empowerment by "orange" resolve. Awesome, Heidi.


THIS is the right attitude. I agree with everything you said.


Heidi, you are a natural. Resolve and determination tempered by patience yields positive results more often than not.


dear hlf
there have been many, many twists and turns to this campaign.

i totally regret that we do not have an opportunity to vote for our HRC for POTUS44. i truly hope we do live to have this opportunity going forward.

meanwhile, i revile what became of the tm site...but it was her blog and she did warn us of her position.....

most importantly, i applaud the fact that i came to meet you and to have the opportunity to learn from you and support your endeavors.

thank you hlf...thank you for your passion, for your committment and for your political integrity.

thank you so very much for all the ways in which you've enlightened me. please tell your wonderful husband what a treasure i believe you to be.


another dem for mccain in boston ma.

dem forever in spirit and soul
country before party


I will join you in your resolve and determination. This election has shown the flaws in the is up to us to help fix this problem. We are not alone.


Thanks again for you leadership and resolve. Your words make us all, not only feel, but really stronger.

Jocelyn Bramble

Amen. Enough is enough. Let's roll...


Thank you.

I am going to throw myself a pity party this evening. I love your resolutions - they are very comforting. And I have one of my own-
Resolve never to forget how the best candidate for the job was vilified, slandered, mocked and attacked just because she was a woman. Never forget!And I will never forget those who slandered her either.Never.

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