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November 13, 2008


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It will be a cold day in hell before I give the DNC any money ever again.

They could have saved that money by not having Obama's coronation in a giant stadium, and foregoing the styrofoam Britney Spears columns.

No thank you.

Mary Beth

Why, if BO raised 640 million ...would the DNC be in the hole for 15 mill? We know he did nothing for HRC's debt, who did he campaign for other than himself? And now they come to us asking to pay down a debt, that should never have been there in the first place, if BO would have kept his WORD..and settled for public financing....go blow it outyo%(#%^...
And of course, Dean will walk away...saying...I did my job!!!
Corruption is everywhere, and the DNC and DP has proven to be the worst of the worst. NOT A PENNY!!


My first thought has also been about the excesses of the Obama camp:
1) who paid for the road trip abroad so Obama could visit Iraq and meet foreign leaders for the first time? At least Sarah Palin met them in NYC.

2) Mile-high stadium and those pillars still rankle a bit.

3. And how many million did Obama's victory party in Grand Park cost? Who paid for that?

The Denver Post is suggesting that Obama's campaign funds be audited along with John McCain's. Sounds like a good idea to me.


Can we sue them for harrassment? I have been trying to "unsubscribe" and they just won't let me.


"what about the wonderful, highly touted fundraising talents of Howard Dean? He's stepping down ...and leaving the DNC 15 million dollars in the red. One can only hope that his reward for this fine job will not be an important post in the new administration."

Heidi Li, your humor is showing. : ) Is this finally the PUMA effect rearing its head? How many "just said no deal" who had been regular contributors?


Maybe the DNC can reorganize itself and become a bank holding company! Anyone have Nancy P's cell #? She needs to move on this asap!!


The sad thing is, they'll probably raise this money in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton still hasn't retired her campaign's debt.


I haven't given money to the DNC for months. Used to give regularly. It would seem to me that the Obama campaign should do an audit first, and then, if they have extra funds, help the DNC. Even if they'd like to hang on to the funds for 2012, it's just bad form for them not to help out the DNC. But, then again, bad form seems to be de riguer for the Obama people.

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