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November 11, 2008


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Northwest rain

Thank you for leading this battle. It seems that women's right will again take the back seat to "other" priorities. Oh anything -- just as long as it isn't about those shrill fe---males.

I'm a "former" feminist -- former because the gate keeper feminist like Gloria Steinem etc. are the ones who decide who and who is not a "real" feminist.

However, I have long believed in the equality of humans.

Sexism is back in vogue, just like in the Vietnam era when women were told to shut up and serve the coffee.

Ever since I was 9 yrs old and realized that females were discriminated against simply because we do not have a penis, I've been watching politics and politicians. Most of the time sexism is subtle -- "little women" comments etc. But never have I seen such overt sexism -- downright hatred of women as Obama has gotten away with. He is leading the sexism and seems to enjoy -- keeping the "little women" (or sweeties) in our place. When he spoke out about the activism of the 60s -- the context to me was the reawakening of the female equality movement. He is a hateful person.

Then that wife of his -- her thesis was sexist -- which seems to be in keeping with the Black Liberation Theology -- and the supremacy of the male. Here she was -- a female who got to Princeton and Harvard because of the efforts of feminists from MY generation. Not a, thank you, fellow women for your efforts -- no her focus was on black isolationist politics.

Abigale Adams pleaded with her husband, John Adams, to remember the ladies. Most men don't understand the less than human status of women in America and the world -- so it is the job of the wives to attempt to educate their politician husbands. (Some female politicians are just as sexist as the male politicians -- the Governor of Washington State has a history of female discriminatory work.)

Women will someday appreciate the work of yourself and other true feminists (perhaps that is the new label of those who believe in the equality of all humans??)

Thank you for trying to be a thorn in the side of camp Obama -- being in DC (with no representation) makes it perhaps easier to put bugs in the ears of politicians.


Heidi Li, eloquent and on target. Lead on.


This will be the Obama fan club of you "scratch my back and I will scratch yours" As a lesbian, I feel sorry for the work and efforts that the GLTB community, the HRC campaign, and other feminists organizations put into getting Obama elected.

In a spirit of higher (Obama) ambitions, we will be asked to "be culturally sensitive" to the mistreatment, torture, and death of women and GLBT's, not only in this country, but around the world.


Heidi, you've said it all, and said it beautifully. The time for polite negotiations is over. As you pointed out, look how that worked out for Hillary.


He is leading the sexism and seems to enjoy -- keeping the "little women" (or sweeties) in our place.
I suggested over at the confluence that someone start an Obama "sweetie" watch.
First item since the elections would be his derisive reference to nancy Reagan's "seances", an obvious way to belittle her as being irrational and gullible, and a backhanded way to belittle Hillary as well, since she also used to do imagined conversations with past First Ladies as thinking-through exercises.


Watch as the gay and lesbian community bend over backwards refusing to beleive the messiah's references to his opposition to gay marriage had nothing at all to do with the passage of those discriminatory amendments banning gay marriage and in Florida, also civil unions. We hear that they are focusing on the Mormon church. Well, the Catholic and Protestant churches have been at the job of gay bashing for alot longer than the Mormons. Then, our Democratic ticket's candidates publically stated that they too were against gay marriage. Wait a few months, you'll have a bunch of queer boys and girls ready to jump in for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. There's our coalition right there just waiting to be tapped. We just have to wait for their koolaid to wear off. Its happening.

Tessa Gordon

History was made on Nov 4th when we elected our first African American president. In the long run this could mean the breaking down of barriers for all "minorities". As I listened to Obama's acceptance speech that night what struck me was the fact that he did not mention that this was a watershed moment-not only for African Americans- but for women as well. That what was truly remarkable was that we had never seen a primary with both an African American and a woman as frontrunners and fierce competitors. Hillary Clinton won half the popular vote, 18 million to be exact. Was that not an extraordinary accomplishment for women in this country? Obama did not have to acknowledge Hillary for the fact that her rigorous opposition helped to make him an infinitely stronger candidate going into the general election than he was entering the into the primaries . He did not have to acknowledge her female base. He did not have to acknowledge her for her tireless effort on his behalf as she campaigned in areas overwhelmingly supportive of her and essential to him.
But it would have been poltically expedient to have done this.
More importantly, it would have been a gracious gesture.

I watch with cautious optimism to see how the nest year unfolds.


Heidi, thank you for speaking out so eloquently. I cannot understand Hillary's actions after June except to say that she must feel too dependent on the Democratic party for her career aspirations.

Well, I finally realized that women alone will need to grab the ring themselves. Unless we push for women in power (politics and media), there will be little interest from men. Men may be supportive but, let's face it, they are not as impacted as we are. Would men want to deal with a country like Saudi Arabia if it were run exlusively by women and men were not allowed to drive or own property. We must wake women up!

Here in Massachusetts I voted for Ed O'Reilley in the primary. But I will tell you -- if a US Senate seat or Governorship opens up soon, I'll be pushing for Martha Coakley, our current AG. In fact, I already have been doing this by calling my friends who are politically connected in the Democratic party. If women everywhere got behind efforts to support qualified women for positions of power, we could make strides. Enough of sitting on the sidelines being handmaidens! We should also push the mainstream media to host shows (like a Lou Dobbs) with a feminist viewpoint.


Tessa Gordon - With all due respect, equal rights do not "trickle down." If only that were the case! When AA men were allowed to vote, how much longer was it before women joined them? And after the Civil Rights Act, were women or LGBT's granted the same Constitutional protections?

It wasn't for lack of trying, believe me. The ERA was passed, but not ratified. The DOM Act was barely defeated. Barack Obama has brought millions of religious conservatives into the Democratic Party who oppose abortion and gay marriage, and he is deliberately blocking Hillary Clinton from having any part in his Administration despite her 70 campaign appearances for him during the primaries.

Nothing will happen if we don't stand up and scream, and refuse to give our votes to anyone who does not acknowledge that we are fully-enfranchised and empowered human beings, no matter what parts lie south of our borders and whom we choose to love.

We cannot do this by hoping and wishing. We must do it by acting.

Alice Paul

When we won Roe v. Wade it was the LAST big battle we won. Forty years? And when we won the right to vote it was a ridiculously long period of time from the start of that battle to the end of it. From Cady Stanton to "Alice Paul"

At the time Roe. v. Wade was being fought there was a popular photo of a coat hanger with the words "Never Going Back!" written on the photograph beneath the drawing of the coat hanger.

We've won NOTHING since then except for the elite "feminists" who got cozy in their gigs. Writing books and whatever they were doing. I was deluded into thinking somehow they were working on the ERA, domestic violence getting recognized in government to the point where that word "domestic" was removed from the topic altogether. It's violence and that's all it is and the same laws need to be applied. That battle is not won either.

I have seen them attempt to destroy the one woman who represented women's interests for over thirty five years by ENDORSING a man who used misogyny and cheating of that woman and all of us to "win"

"Never Going Back!" has a whole new meaning for m e now. I'm never going back to the D.N.C., I'm Never Going Back to N.O.W. who are so "THEN"

Heidi Li, this is the time, and no more waiting for another forty years to make the gains we already EARNED and were owed as HUMAN RIGHT.

Those of us out here who trusted before this year that we were represented by so many of these organizations have woken up. It's time to represent ourselves, to hold these governments and politicians feet to the fire on OUR rights, and OUR issues. Trust is earned and they have a long way to go to rebuild any of it with me.


Maybe a look at some other countries will make it even more clear where exactly we stand today:

Germany's head of Government is a woman, Chancellor Angela Merckel, some 60 years after a misogynic Führer.

Spain is a Democracy since 1975 only, after years od fierce Dictatorship by also misogynic General Franco. Today, more female Ministers form part in José Louis Rodriguez Zapatero's Government than male ones. (Gay marriages are lawful in catholic Spain)

Switzerland's woman have the right to vote since 1972 only. The country is governed by the 7 Ministers, every year one of them in turn becomes President, 3 of the Ministers are woman.

Many brave American woman faught for woman's rights long before anyone did in the before mentioned countries. What happened? What needs to be done? Is this the moment for a *new* feminism?


Quote: "I am ever more convinced that Americans who care about the problem of misogyny and sexism are going to have to use the same methods - resistance, demonstration, noncooperation - that forced white Americans to heed the moral unacceptability of racism and bigotry to get male Americans to heed the moral unacceptability of sexism and racism."

This,IMO, is exactly what we will have to do.
It took MANY years to accomplish it for racism- so what are we waiting for? Let's get going.

Oh, and I'd like to see prominent women politicians, like Hillary and Sarah, speak up about women's rights. It's time for them to stand up and forget about the "whining" label.


Well done, Heidi Li. I think all of the sexism, misogyny, and corruption of the primaries has been forgotten and I think it is our duty to make sure this horror of an election is never forgotten and is exposed for what it has been. I would be happy to support any effort to launch a full scale investigation of the primary elections and the DNC. I don't know how we would do this, but it needs to be done.

Flora Steele

Heidi, have you been keeping up with Larry Summers, the Clintons' Treasury Secretary in the late 90s? He sounds like an excellent choice to take back his old job. I suspect the movement against him is mostly bots looking for any excuse to bash a Clintonista. I've got a defense page up at clintondems, still collecting information.

Flora (aka fsteele, Old Democrat, 1950democrat, turndownobama, etc)

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