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November 06, 2008


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Guess what? He doesn't care about gender issues. He doesn't care about same sex marriage issues. He won without our support so he doesn't care.
And guess what else? His young supporters don't care either. They have been so busy flip flopping along with him that they only believe what he tells them to believe. There will be no advances with respect to civil rights, whether they be women's rights or gay and lesbian rights, during this administration, he is now president, it's no longer important.
We lost our opportunity to matter when Obama won the election. We don't matter in Washington, we don't have a voice in this administration. Yeah, real historic moment. Been there, still doing that.


By the way, there is no way in hell that Obama would ever, EVER allow Hillary Clinton to become Senate Majority Leader. He has his spawns, oops I mean pawns, in place. Why get someone that may not rubber stamp him 24/7?


Can we discuss what it means as women in academia to look at having LARRY (Misogynist) SUMMERS back as Treasury Sec after his comments about women, their minds, and their ability to do science? It wasn't enough to have him dismissed at Harvard? We have to endure a cabinet position for him? Remember what Cold Stream Habor did to the Nobel Prizing winning Crick who suggested blacks were genetically inferior and less intelligent? Do you see any one suggestion he should put up as secretary of health and human services? Why is it that some one who said the SAME thing about WOMEN is even being considered by the Obama transition team?

This speculation and discussion ALONE should have women's blood boiling.


My concern is that Hillary may be more powerful without the position of Majority Leader during an Obama administration. While he recently called Hillary "his great friend and supporter." I don't believe that he is hers. I don't think he would listen to her.


Have you seen the members of Barry's Transition Economic Advisory Board? Out of the 17 named members only 4 are woman. We make up 52% of the population and need to be represented accordingly. The President-Elect has a 2:30 press conference scheduled for today. I urge everybody to call his offices in the next few hours and demand that he denounce sexism and misogyny during this first press conference as President-Elect. If he fails to do so, I suggest everyone take a photo of themself wearing blackface and mail it to Obama headquarters with a note saying "Bitch is the new black!". Maybe then he'll take notice.


The new king kills his old rivals.


a suggestion:

Lobby the governors of Delaware and Illinois to replace senators Obama and Biden with women. We increased the number of women senators by one on election day -- pretty slow progress. It would be great to add 2 more.


Lobby the governors of Delaware and Illinois to replace senators Obama and Biden with women

Sorry, those positions have been taken for quite a while now. And trust me, they are not being filled by women.


I have seen a lot of talk about Jesse Jackson Jr. being picked for Illinois and David Plouffe being tapped to keep the Delaware seat warm until biden's son comes back from Iraq.


When I see the names of the few women being bandied about as possible Obama picks, they are all the Condoleeza Rice types -- sycophants who will simply tell Obama how wonderful he is. It has always struck me that Obama has so many of the same personal insecurities as George Bush.

As for appointing replacements, as an Illinois resident I can tell you what Blago should do: appoint Jan Schakowsky to Obama's seat and appoint Jeff Schoenberg to Schakowsky's seat (Schoenberg is currently the State Senator for Schakowsky's district, and is a powerful liberal voice for women's rights -- always has been). These are two of the most voter-centric representatives this state has ever had. I don't think it will happen, but it's what should happen.

jo chgo

Wishful thinking, grayslady. Here are the top candidates to replace BHO in the Senate:

1) Valerie Jarrett (his BFF)
2) Tammy Duckworth (politically correct appointment)
3) JJ Jr. OR wife Sandy.
4) Luis Gutierrez

Ultimately, it will go to the one that gives Honest Rod (she said sarcastically) the most leverage over BHO.

Dark horses could include some in Barack's inner circle, if he has something over Blago.


jo chgo -- Valerie Jarrett was one of the sycophants that I heard will be be a top Obama advisor. Duckworth, of course, is Emmanuel's protege, and a perennial election loser. JJ Jr -- the less said the better. Gutierrez is very liberal in his voting, so I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with him, but Schakowsky deserves the nod. We'll just have to wait and see.

mary s

It is absolutely ironic, cruelly ironic for those women who voted for His Hopeness, to find that he's selected ex-ballerina Rahm Emanual as Chief of Staff with jurisdiction to oversee all women under his protective wing....But do you really know why it's truly ironic?

It's ironic because this is the greatest match of misogynist proclivities you will ever see in the White House--Rahmbo (as his mom calls him after his lost his midfinger in a salami slicer and became histrionice ever since to compensate!) is missing his crucial midfinger in his right hand. With Obama using his midfinger in his left hand to "flip-off" Hillary in his infamous youtube sensation "Obama Gives Finger to Hillary", now Rahm and Bam and do a duet telling them dumb gals who voted for Him:

"Get to the end of the Bus, Ladies!" -- and pretty soon the ObaMyopic gals will be under the bus breathing the toxic fumes of his misogynist agenda!

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