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December 09, 2008


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Wow. Just wow. I hadn't heard even a rumor that something like this was coming down the pike. I'm starting to get exactly the same feeling as through all those Republican years: my rock-bottom opinion keeps being lowered by reality.

Off-topic, but also relating to legalisms: could you do one of your well-reasoned explanations of the whole birth certificate fiasco? I haven't followed it, since it sounds kinda looney-tunes, but nothing is ever explained. a) Why is there even a question? Isn't there a record of where his mother was on the day? b) Given that US birth is a requirement of the job, why doesn't he have to show a birth certificate? It smells a bit of Bushian Privilege, not going by the same rules as us schmoes. c) Are there legitimate reasons for not showing it? e.g. the Speakers of House and Senate have seen it and are satisfied with it? Producing it would somehow expose some third party to an invasion of privacy? What's actually going on?



Fitzgerald did not say "no comment" about whether or not President-elect Obama knew anything about the material captured on the various bugs and taps about Blogojevitch's attitude toward the naming of a successor to
take Obama's senate seat. What Fitzgerald said... was that there was no evidence that Obama was either involved in Blogojevitch's dealings, nor was there any evidence to suggest that Obama had any knowledge of same.

Fitzgerald is such a fine example of what a Federal Prosecutor should be, it seems a shame not to do right by him by misquoting him.


Corruption in Illinois politics? Wow, who could have seen this coming. Of course it goes without saying that this is NOT the Blogojevitch that Obama knew. Hell, he NEVER discussed the future of his senate seat with him...yeah.

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