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December 19, 2008


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Mary Sakel


Eleanor's right to bring to our attention that Rick Warren, a man who has dedicated his life to minimizing the rights of women to a full human autonomy in choosing their own life's course, and the rights of gays to gain access to that blessed institution whose legal benefits Rick and his spouse fully enjoy, is being given an undeserved 'spiritual leadership' role at the Obama inauguration.

Obama's characteristically arrogant, petulant decision was to be expected from this misogynist recidivist who reached a fraudulent nomination 'finish line' thanks to the misogynist media frat-boys' Hillary-bashing and his Axelord campaign's own sexism. Do you expect this anorexic resume and direct beneficiary of misogyny and sexism to act in any way other than to so blatantly slap women on the face with his bullying decision of forcing Warren down the throats of those members of the 51% majority who made the mistake of voting for His Hopeness? And what about BHO's refusal to fire Jon Favreau, as he had promised NBC to do, when Barak fired off a letter to the station asking Don Imus be fired 'cause Obama "would certainly have fired immediately anyone who works for me and who's made such inflammatory racist and sexist comments against the Rutgers girs' team"?

But to make a principled decision on behalf of the human rights of women is above the paygrade or moral weltanschauung of this arrogant misogynist Prez-elect who enjoys whatever esoteric benefits this 27-year-old Chief Sexist Punk Speechwriter may be bringing to BHO's xeroxed rhetoric. Zeus help us with this Bush-lite trojan horse unleashing the misogynist, homophobic barbarians at the gates! But this holocaust scenario is way above my paygrade to prophesize. Perhaps his 'top adviser' (as he advised Rick), Michele, will set him straight one day soon--provided she feels proud enough as a woman!...


P.S. Remember when Rev. Wright (BHO's "Uncle Jeremiah") was made "Chief Spiritual Advisor" to the Obama Campaign last year and then Barack decided this would be a vote-losing proposition among his base? No hesitation here. Uncle Jeremiah was pushed under the bus el pronto. So, too, Barack should push Rick under the same bus, if he were truly strategically savvy, to ensure his formidable supporter-base, WOMEN VOTERS, are not further alienated by his shenanigans. Of course, the chances of this happening are as fat as Barak's resume is decidedly anorexic!...

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