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December 19, 2008


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You forgot to remind them that only they are allowed conscienable freedom and that patients, especially the needy, have no conscience. Their conscience out trumps all others until the day they meet another tyrant whose views conflict with theirs.
Thanks again, Heidi. This "rule" is another slashing of civil liberties by the Bush crime family.


There is a reason why the Amish do not insist on becoming bus drivers. Choices inherently implies responsibilities for those choices.

Muslim taxi cab drivers are not permitted to deny transportation to persons carrying alcohol even though doing so is forbidden in their religion. Funny how legally and morally we can pick and choose our "conscience".

Stray Yellar Dawg

If a health care worker wants to pick and choose his/her area of practice as to avoid conflicts of conscience, so be it.

But once working in a specific area.... it's too late. And no employer should put up with an employee that refuses to fulfill his/her job description.

I think this is the way it has always been, to be honest. Bushie is just stirring the pot one last time before he leaves.... No surprise there.

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