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December 31, 2008


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The more things change, the more they . . . etc. A splendid bit of history, Heidi, that should be more widely known.

Uppity Woman

Wishing you a Happy New Year, Heidi. Your dedication and revealing information has been an inspiration during this year of pain. Here's hoping 2009 brings you much joy.


Happy New Year Heidi!

Equal Rights

Thank you Heidi.

It's hard, though, to know that the words we hear on Inauguration Day will be those of the drunken, sexist fratboy Favreau who insulted Hillary Clinton, and all women. . . and to remember that Obama was silent after his speechwriter insulted his Secretary of State.

Mary Lou

Heidi - You continue to uplift and inspire thoughtful actions with your wonderful posts. Your historical and holistic perspective brings a rootedness and continuity to these pop culture times that is rare indeed. I am deeply grateful for your presence and I wish you and your family an abundant New Year!


Thank you so much for your spirited efforts to promote the interests of the 51% majority whose members often feel, and are treated, as if they were members of a remote leper colony that must be kept medicated and silent to survive....Perhaps too harsh these words may seem, but have we really come a "long way" since the 70s? What happened to HIllary Clinton scares me about the prospects of any women politicians of consequence. And, worse, what didn't happen to that misogynist punk Jon Favreau scares me even more. Obama should dust off and read his own letter fired off to NBC demanding Don Imus be fired for his racist-sexist actions assuring them that he himself would have "fired immediately" the offender, had he worked for Obama!

Anyway, I am facing the New Year with hope that there are people like yourself out there refusing to be silent and devoting your efforts to make this a better world for girls and women everywhere. I, too, have a Dream...
Have a great New Year 2009, Heidi Li, and my very best wishes to you and your family and those who assist you in your efforts! THANKS!


Thank you Heidi Li for a reminder from one of the great ones in our history. I thought perhaps you and others might also like to hear this great man deliver this speech..below is a link to the Miller Center of Public Policy at the University of Virginia where an excellent collection of audio tapes of FDR speeches as well as many others can be found. I have spent many an hour there listening to FDR explain to the people in fire side chats and in other speeches the complexities of the issues of his time. Lest anyone be confused, the bank issues of his day are not even close to those of ours all... We are in far more peril and the circumstances now remove our wealth outside of the boundries of our country..not anything of the kind in the time of FDR. In any case, here is the link that I hope everyone will enjoy..

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