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December 26, 2008


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Sarah Davis

Empty suit is too passive of a description for Obama in my humble opinion. Is he afraid to take a stand or deliberately muddying the waters? I think he brazenly cons and bamboozles to get ahead. He's the smooth guy that can get other people to write his papers for him. He can stand at the edge of a fight without defending either side and claim that fighting is wrong. He cooly walks away on air detached from it all. He neither offends or defends anyone. He's covered in slippery snake oil that he rubs on each morning after his 90 minute workout.
To me, to describe him as an empty suit turns him into an innocent fool packaged by handlers. There's something more going on there that I haven't quite put my finger on...but I don't like it.
My gut reaction to bush during the 2000 election was sadistic frat boy. My vague feeling about Obama is that he is a con artist but i'm not yet sure why the con.
The confusing part might be that he's conning himself as well. I'm reminded of the main character in Philip Roths Pulitzer book [American Pastoral]. I'll go dig it up tomorrow and take another crack at this.


"Sooner or later, he (Obama) just might have to stand for something"

Don't hold your breath, Mr. Cohen, he will use someone else, this way he can put whatever blame arises on someone else.


It's frustrating for me as a lesbian to see other gay men and lesbians scratching their heads in surprise over this issue. It is particularly galling, given the flack I got for refusing to vote for Obama last month. And the reason I refused to vote for him was because--unlike many of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters--I did not go into denial about who Obama is. With Obama's use and exploitation of sexism during the primaries, along with his campaigning with Donnie McClurkin and his refusal to apologize for it, Obama told us loudly and clearly who he is.

Sexism and homophobia go hand in hand. It has been my personal experience that all too frequently many (not all) gay men forget this fact (John Aravosis anyone?). Whether they were blinded by misogyny or blinded by their strange belief that skin color equals progressive politics, many people--men, women, gay, straight, seemed to willfully ignore what was right in front of them.

Now we will all pay for that willful ignorance.

Darren Hutchinson

Katha pollitt really did that? Wow....Reminds me of how Huffington turned completely around on Clinton after the election.

Anyway, you might be interested in how differently Obama responded to Don Imus versus Rick Wilson. It's a very different response:


Obama gave a different answer to the same question depending on audience? I am shocked and amazed...well not really because he has never met an issue he could not stand on both sides of.

M Sakel

Yes, indeed! How can an "Empty Suit" (the most appropriate and insultingly true epithet attached to this farcical creature) draw a line on the ethical map that is presented him when he lacks substance.

Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, as, incredibly, Sarah Palin said in her nomination speech, is "using the presidential nomination quest as a self-discovery" tool! Barack doesn't know what he represents because he still hasn't figured out who he is or what should matter to him, other than his own career advancement. As president of the Harvard Law Review he was praised by the right-wingers as being "inclusive and tolerant" to the point where Barack appointed a Republican to one of the most prestigious editorial positions! Barack's aim to please, however, is not prompted out of sincere willingness to listen and then act so as to advance progressive values. In the very process of appeasing and pleasing (it's what he's all about!), he loses his own moral compass and values in the other person's ideology. His narcissistic personality makes him vulnerable.

That's what happens when, as Heidi Li targeted it, when you operate in a moral vacuum as Barack always has. The ObaMyopics needed the "lefties, women and gays" as a base to get the nomination. The leg thrillers of the misogynist media and a corrupt DNC pushed Him to an undeserved, fraudulent 'finish line' of superdels. But now that he's Prez-elect, he cannot hide his own ineptitude, homophobia, sexism and lack of moral compass. And we are starting to see right through his Empty Suit, at last, and, alas, too late in the game! And now the Empty Suit has another "first" under his belt. Even before elected, investigators will be drilling him on his involvements with Blago whom, when asked by a commentator in 2002 if he will support his election, BHO said: "You betcha! I'll support Hot Rod"!

Could it be that the Empty Suit's does have a moral compass in him after all--but it's as narcissistic as he is and points always to self-preservation? So, really, all we can see are mere externalizations of the suit's movements to survive. But I'm afraid his inevitable moral asphyxiation will result in further deterioration of human rights--especially those of women. Zeus help us!


P.S. Will Empty Suit-elect (Bush-lite) reverse Dubya's recent Health & Human Services Regulation re medical providers' using their individual subjective moral quirkiness to dictate women's choices; and will he reverse the global gag rule that holds funds from international agencies that help women with reproductive health issues and forbids abortions, even when using their own money?!

Warren for SCOTUS?

I'm sure ya'll remember that we were told we had to vote for him to save Roe. The [bum] just might pick someone for SCOTUS who will overturn, either because he really is evangelical or because he is "reaching out" to other side.

Can we start the conversation about who he is going to pick now? The best offense is a good offense and I think we need to start gathering candidates and checking them twice.

Becky F.

I thank you Heidi Li. You have put down on paper so many of the thoughts going around in my own head about our President-elect. Or President-select, whatever. Few people have written of Obama's unwillingness to have his photo taken with Gavin Newsome. I found that extraordinarily troubling after learning of that during the campaign. If I ever had a sliver of respect for Obama, it disappeared altogether when I learned of that tidbit. It was one of those jaw-dropping moments for me ~ just who was this person and why was he getting away with this sort of behavior? What Democrat would run from a photo with the mayor of a major city, regardless of that person's sexual orientation? I am a straight woman, but this really really bothered me. Doesn't matter what my sexual orientation is, it just really really bothered me. What a slimy, slithering, snakey thing to do. And he expected LGBT votes? Or yeah, he endeavored to keep this quiet, no one would notice. And...he had the cooperation of the media to cover-up his avoidance of taking a supportive stand on ANYTHING during the campaign. Thank you Heidi Li, for calling attention to such slithering, low-down, inappropriate behavior on the part of a Presidential-wannabe. No matter how hard Mr. Obama tries, he will never ever be a moral leader, because he appears to be constantly confused about his own essential identities: Is he straight or gay? Is he black or white? Is he either? I see him as nothing more than a freak-show, and unfortunately this show will be playing in every neighborhood in our country very soon. It has already had an opening in select cities, and the opening night audiences have lapped it up, with a few exceptions. What a dismal way to begin a new year, new Presidency, and new day in America. What is new is old. I can only shake my head and find some comfort in the knowledge that people such as yourself will write about these acts of cowardice, and lead a call to arms regarding civil/human/women's/gay rights. I salute you, and join in your call. Though it may be called for, I do not apologize for the harshness of my opinions regarding Mr. Obama. He deserves no respect for his lack of courage.


Yep, Heidi, you nailed it once again. But what else could we expect from an Illinois legislator who voted "present" over 100 times to avoid taking a stand on difficult issues?

I still can't understand why so many otherwise intelligent people became so infatuated with Obama. Some of them appear to be coming to their senses, but it's a little late.

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