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December 10, 2008


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That's tacky and cheap. I bet the Obots will get pretty sick of this. After all, they elected him with their loose change and now he wants their grocery money. And, hey, where is that Change I Can Believe in???


The mailing says it's to retire their debt, not for reelection. What I find disgusting is I got an email from the Hillary people which forwarded an email from Biden to the Obama supporters asking them to help retire Hillary's debt. So the story we Hillary supporters got was a warm and fuzzy one: Biden was helping Hillary retire her debt. But the real story is that at the same time Obama supporters asking to help retire HIS debt. Gee, I wonder which cause they gave more money to? What disgusting spin..


Tackiness is the modus operandi of Obama & Co. No surprise there.

Are we sure this contribution isn't to defray legal fees? In light of Blago's defiance of Obama, it appears everyone connected with the incoming administration has to lawyer up.

The presidency, like Obama's senate seat, is nothing more than a marketable item.


My boss is getting mail from telling him his Obama shirt is ready - all he has to do is pay for it. Wonder if Moveon is retiring its debt?


Hey, what's the matter with you people? Pony up gosh darnit! Don't question, just do as we ask...


I think Onowhesgotanewname is just doing what he always did: sell himself. There are mugs, plates, dvds and other goodies out there so we can have his face all over our homes and he can have our money for 2012. He and his gang are salesmen, hucksters, and advertisers. This is probably all we'll see for the next 4 years.



OMG- 365 days a year staring at an Obama Calendar? No thanks, TV is bad enough but at least I can shut if off.

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