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December 23, 2008


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I dream that 51%, and other such groups, get all women to open their eyes to the RBO and then all march on Washington DC chanting Hillary's name in 2010 (or whenever the next candidate is decided for the 2012 race). Lets bring the capital to a standstill until he is forced to make way for her. I know its highly unlikely, but I can dream.


Maybe Katha Pollitt should have taken Obama's sexism and homophobia in the primaries just a little bit more seriously, rather than anointing him the chosen one without serious inquiry into his positions and past (in)actions. If anybody was in a position to look into and report on the truth of Obama's sexism and homophobia, it was Pollitt as a self-avowed feminist working for a progressive news publication. Rather than do that, however, Pollitt chose to spend her time slandering Hillary Clinton, publishing baseless lies about her and ignoring her history of accomplishments on behalf of women.

Oh, we told you so, Katha. From Donnie McLurkin, to "99 Problems," to Douglas Kmiec, to brushing the s*** off his shoulder, to his present votes on abortion legislation, to the periodically the claws come out comment, to the sweetie comment, we told you so.

Katha, you get what you deserve. Unfortunately, you've ensured that the rest of us get what you deserve, too. So I guess that schadenfruede is all that is left to me and I'll have four years of enjoying your stupidly shocked expression as Obama runs over and over and over you with his unity bus.


So Katha Pollitt never even had a clue? WTF is with these people? Whyever should they be surprised when Obama acts like Obama?

But I look forward to more folks finally coming off the Kool-Aid.


It's utterly amazing that so many people of Pollitt's ilk failed to see what Obama was offering the country during his sham of a campaign.

As for her comments regarding Rick Warren's declarations that various persons and groups will burn in hell, I am reminded of my father-in-law's sense of humor. His neighbor belonged to a fundamentalist Protestant church (as opposed to his more moderate church). Over the back fence, the neighbor often told him, "Friend, you're going to hell." My father in law always responded,"Well, I'll see you there."


I hesitate to post a rhetorical question, lest you be tempted to answer it.

But ... what the hell is an invocation doing in an inauguration anyway? Separation of church and state, pls.

Kelso's Nuts


I cited you in one of my posts about Rick Warren, by the way, writing that you express my anger better than I can.

I'm the TOTAL villain: Atheist Humanist Pacifist Jew, US-born and educated Latino-Ruso-Aleman, Caucasian but Mediterannean of feature who feels no White Liberal Guilt whatsover, who lives in Panama, PRD-Balbina Herrera supporter here, without the US voting franchise but big fan of Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.

We supported Barack Obama heart and soul for president down here in Panama despite being heavily for Clinton (because of Bill Clinton-"Toro" Perez-Balladares Treaty Of 1999) in primaries. We even let him yammer on about Hugo Chavez being the "enemy" despite Obama'sknowing nothing about Andean politics.

Hugo Chavez, however, graciously congratulated Obama on his win on Venezuelan TV because Obama refused his call. Of course, two weeks later, when it was apparent that the sophisticated thinker who delivered that wonderful speech on race during the campaign and crafted brilliantly progressive position papers on peace, HIV/AIDS, etc., was really just Bush III, Chavez, unlike American weaklings, got back on TV and said "vete al carajo Obama...eres un cobarde de mierda y no puedes vencer mi pais con tus ejercitos imperialistas..."

President Torrijos of Panama is still waiting for a phone call or to have his calls returned and he's a center-left pro-business president. Because our country is neutral on THE WARS ON TERROR, Obama has given us nothing but lectures on our banking and tax systems. He has also defied his own White House Counsel to be, Gregory Craig, who is ex-Jefe De La Asemblea Panamena Pedro Gonzalez's attorney, by trying to extradite Gonzalez for defending himself 20 years ago during Operation "Just Cause".

There is no way Gonzalez can be extradited either by Panamanian law, the Geneva Convention, the WTO, or the World Court, but Obama has his dues to pay. His problem is that if he's lippy to President Torrijos or the likely new presidenta Sra Balbina Herrera next year, they'll just back the Balboa with Euros or Swiss Francs. With $7 trillion in the system here that's a big problem for Obama.

The problem for Obama with regard to most of South America is that most of us have legal gay-marriage by Notary Seal. And Panama is 1/3 Afro-Panameno, but skin color doesn't mean the same thing here that it does in the US. By huge numbers Afro-Panamenos support the wealthy, White, center-left Torrijos. They'll support the middle-class, brown, center-left Herrera in May. Obama's history-making is only US history.

So, what plays for him in the states doesn't play in Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile or Argentina.

In the end, Rick Warren is the real problem because the Roman Catholic church here doesn't get mixed up in politics anymore. They say nothing on the subjects of gay-rights, abortion, contraception, etc., because like in Southern Europe, they want parishoners who ENJOY going to church and don't feel excluded. Plus the church/state separation in most of South America is a lot stricter than in the USA. And Catholics, Jew, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Ba'hais, and ATHEISTS all get along!

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