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December 12, 2008


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Thank you for writing this. I agree.


Good for you!

But one point. Is it confirmed whether

1. the picture was originally on Favreau's own Facebook site, or may it have been on a site controlled by his fans

2. if on his own site, did others have posting priviledges?

I haven't seen any journalist state that Favreau posted it himself; these other possibilities have been raised.

Of course he was obviously posing for the camera, so he should have known it would become public. But posing for a minute while drunk is not the same as posting it himself (or leaving it up) when he was sober.

Stray Yellar Dawg

Excellent synopsis of the Favreau problem, Heidi.

I quoted you in my blog of this morning.

M Sakel

No other analysis on Jon Favreau's disturbing misogynist leanings is as incisive or insightful as Heidi Li's!

The tolerance of misogynist actions by our inherently misogynist media and politicians who profit immensely from sexism themselves, as in Obama's case, must stop. And we can only do this by enacting ANTI-HATRED LEGISLATION that applies to women--just as racist actions and commentary have ceased being condoned. First we must take off the "popularity" of these misonygist acts/comments. Just the way we dealt with Imus. Obama wrote a letter to NBC asking them to fire Imus, justly, for his vile racist comments. But would Obama listen to himself in this case and fire Jon Favreau for insulting 51% of the populace? Or is he going to tolerate Jon Favreau's sordid proclivities and pass the buck in his usual manner excusing him for his age-induced 'excess testosterone levels'?

My suggestion is show dress up a monkey in a suit and tiem, with "Obama" written on his chest, beside a banana tree and unsuspectingly peeling off such fruit while Jon Favreau is ready to lower the hood and pull the rope on his neck. Wonder why this souldn't be seen as funny?
Maybe substituting Michelle's likeness would do the trick?
Let's try to see how far tolerance is tolerated when we use race rather than gender to have a few laughs, eh?


Thank you, Heidi Li for an excellent and insightful analysis of Jon Favreau's disturbing misogynist leanings.

Obama promptly fired off a letter to NBC asking them to immediately fire Don Imus (justifiably!) for uttering his infamous racist comments. Unfortunately, the Pres-elect did not seem to understand that his indignation should extend to also protect the human rights of women, without whose support he'd be campaigning for Blago back in Chicago! The tolerance with which Obama has greeted this disgusting show of woman-hatred is apalling and signals the degree to which he seriously intends to combat the plight of abused women. Incidentally, only 800 soldiers have died from injuries as resuult of combat in Iraq. Yet we have witnessed 8,400 murders of women in that same period of time. It seems there is a War Against Women that is occurring that Obama will never acknowledge. It takes the snuffing out of such immature, hateful misogynist acts by other Favreau-minded males to prevent the holocaust against women throughout the world.

Obama should act immediately to fire off this slobbering freak who's obviously bathed in too much liquor and testosterone to exercise caution and respect for the position he will soon (unfortunately) occupy beside a like-minded President who profited handsomely from sexism in his own campaign! And Obama should immediately appoint a Task Force on Misogyny and enact legislation against woman-hatred--treating such acts with the same legislative and moral tolerance we allow for racist acts and commentary. To do otherwise, would be a mistake for Obama and will diminish his administration.


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